Minecraft Steve moveset in Smash Ultimate

A closer look at the moveset Minecraft Steve will bring to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Well the news of Minecraft Steve joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was apparently big enough to break Twitter for a while, which means there must be more than a few folks out there interested to know more about our blocky new hero. While we’ll need to wait a few days for a thorough look at the character, the reveal trailer did give us a glimpse at the moveset. We’ve scanned the footage thoroughly to try and break down everything we know so far about the Minecraft Steve moveset in Smash Ultimate.

Minecraft Steve moveset in Smash Ultimate

Minecraft Steve moveset Smash Ultimate
© Nintendo

Our Minecraft Steve moveset in Smash Ultimate includes all the unique moves we’ve beenshown in footage so far. We'll update this list when any further information comes out regarding the names or actions of certain moves. We’re also calling the new character Steve, though alternate skins also allow you to play as Alex, a Zombie, or an Enderman instead.

Jabs, tilts and throws

Minecraft Steve jab attack smash ultimate
© Nintendo

Jab Attack

Steve swings his sword rapidly if you hold down the A button. Can be done while moving and jumping

Dash Attack

Steve lunges forward with his pickaxe. It's a quick attack with a bit more range thanks to his movement.

Forward Tilt

Because Steve performs his jab while moving, he doesn't have a tilt attack.

Down tilt minecraft steve moveset smash ultimate
© Nintendo

Down Tilt

Steve sparks a fire on the ground. The fire lasts a short length of time, blocks projectiles, and falls due to gravity when placed in the air.

Up Tilt

Steve swings his axe rapidly overhead. This attack is the same as his up air attack, just performed on the ground. Good for juggling opponents.

Minecraft Steve moveset in Smash Ultimate grab attack
© Nintendo


Steve hurls his fishing rod forward, tether-grabbing opponents. Different throws launch opponents with a piston or a heavy block. Down throw is intended as a combo move.

Smash attacks

Smash Ultimate Minecraft Steve moveset Smash Ultimate
© Nintendo

Forward Smash

Minecraft Steve charges up a sword swing, arcing horizontally in front of him. The reach isn't very high, but it has strong knockback.

Minecraft Steve moveset smash ultimate Down smash
© Nintendo

Down Smash

Steve splashes a bucket of lava on the ground either side of him, starting in front, then behind. This attack sends opponents horizontally, making it powerful against weak vertical recoveries.

Minecraft Steve Up Smash moveset
© Nintendo

Up Smash

Steve spawns a large magma block in the air above him for a short duration, burning any enemies which touch it. Knockback is low, but it's great as a followup to his up titlt or aerial, or as a defensive move.

Special (B) moves

Minecraft steve special moves smash ultimate
© Nintendo

Neutral B: Mine/Craft/Create Block

Used on the ground, Steve mines the surface he's stood on, receiving materials for use in crafting tools and placing blocks. Unless you play in Omega or Battlefield variants, the materials mined depending on the surface stood on, or the wall in front. The available materials are Dirt, Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Redstone. The materials held can be viewed in a bar above Steve's icon. If full, the worst of the held materials will be dropped to make space. When placing blocks, the cheapest materials will be used first.

Minecraft in Smash Ultimate special moves
© Nintendo

Used at a crafting table, Neutral B creates or upgrades Steve's tools based on the resources you've mined. Tools break over time, and the order of quality is Wood < Stone< Iron < Gold < Diamond.

Smash Ultimate minecraft moveset upgrade
© Nintendo

Crafting tables can be destroyed, but respawn after a short delay. To summon your crafting table to you, hold shield, then press B.

When used in the air, Neutral B places a block under Steve. This will used the cheapest materials available, and will continue placing if the button is held while moving or jumping. Blocks can be placed off-stage to help recover or block opponents recoveries, though they cannot be placed off screen.

Minecraft moveset smash bros ultimate TNT
© Nintendo

Down B: TNT

Steve plants TNT, leaving a redstone trail behind (if resources permit) as they move backwards and place a detonator button. The TNT will explode when someone steps on the button, or after a delay. Fire-based moves ignite the TNT, as does the minecart. Players who step on the pressure plate aren't knocked as far as those nearby.

Smash Ultimate Minecraft moveset minecart
© Nintendo

Side Special: Minecart

Steve climbs into a minecart and rolls to one side, planting track as they move. The cart can bounce off walls and even pick up other fighters once Steve hops out of it. Iron is needed to spawn the minecart, and other materials are needed for the tracks. If you have redstone, your minecart will get a speed boost at spawn, dealing more damage and knockback.

Minecraft moveset smash ultimate glide
© Nintendo

Up Special: Elytra

Steve dons the wings of Elytra, allowing him to glide sideways for a short distance. By default Steve will travel horizontally, but you can choose to shoot a short vertical distance, or swoop down and then up using momentum. Only the beginning of the move has a hitbox.

Aerial attacks

Neutral Air

Steve swings his sword in the same method as his jab attack.

Minecraft steve moveset smash ultimate forward air
© Nintendo

Forward Air

Steve swings his pickaxe in front of him in an overhead arc. This meteor spikes opponents hit mid-air, sending them down rapidly.

Back Air

Steve swings his pickaxe backwards in a strike which hits with high knockback.

Smash Ultimate minecraft steve moveset down air
© Nintendo

Down Air

Steve slams downwards with an anvil underneath him, damaging anyone below.

Minecraft Steve moveset smash ultimate up air
© Nintendo

Up Air

Steve swings his sword/tool overhead quickly.

Minecraft Steve Final Smash: House of Boom

Minecraft Steve Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Ultimate
© Nintendo

One move we did get a clean look at is the Minecraft Final Smash. Any opponents struck are first smacked with a giant piston. Then, they’re boarded up in a castle filled with TNT, cobwebs, and creepers. Suffice to say, it doesn’t end well.

Smash Ultimate Minecraft Steve Final Smash
© Nintendo

That’s the full Minecraft Steve moveset for Smash Ultimate, or as much of it as we’ve been able to decipher so far. Have you spotted any moves or details that we missed? Let us know down in the comments so we can add them! The full moveset was unveiled on October 3 in the presentation by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director, Masahiro Sakurai. Steve is due to release in October so you don't have to wait long to try him out!

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