All supported VR headsets for Star Wars: Squadrons

Find out which VR headsets will work with Star Wars: Squadrons to let you hop into the virtual cockpit and soar through the stars.

Star Wars: Squadrosn isn’t just a brilliant dogfighting game, it’s also a bloody good VR experience as well. However, to get in on the action you’ll first need to grab yourself a VR headset, and which platform you play on will determine what you can use. In this guide we’ll list all the supported VR headsets for Star Wars: Squadrons.

All supported VR headsets for Star Wars: Squadrons

all Supported VR Headsets for Star Wars: Squadrons
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Star Wars Squadrons was built for VR support, so you can enjoy the full game in virtual reality. As for which headsets are supported, well that depends on your system. The Xbox One doesn’t support VR, and if you’re playing on PS4, the PSVR headset is the only option open to you. However, once you get to the PC version, several other options open up. 

SteamVR and OpenVR are supported with Star Wars: Squadrons. It’s not available for the Oculus Quest, but if you hook your Oculus headsets up to a Vr-capable PC then you can play it through Steam or similar. Here are all the supported headsets we know of for Star Wars: Squadrons for PC:

  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive
  • Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Oculus Quest (when connected to PC)

While Star Wars: Squadrons will support any of the options above when connected to a VR-capable PC, EA has made recommendations for certain headsets that they designed the game for. According to them, the best VR headsets for Star Wars: Squadrons at the PSVR and the Oculus Rift. They don’t provide any reasoning behind it, so if you’re running something fancy like the Index, you’ll probably be okay too.

It's also worth stating that Star Wars: Squadrons does not support VR motion controls. If you want the ultimate immersive experience, you'll need to pick up a supported joystick to use with the game.

That’s everything we know about the supported VR headsets for Star Wars: Squadrons. Pick the game up and you won’t be disappointed with the VR support while weaving between Star Destroyers and laser fire. Click here to head to our hub page for the game for more guides and features.

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