Star Wars: Squadrons Flagship subsystem locations guide

Learn where to shoot Flaghips in Star Wars: Squadrons Fleet Battles with our subsystem locations guide.

Taking down TIE Fighters and  X-Wings is simple: you just shoot them until they explode. Flagships, however, require a bit more finesse. You need to know where you’re shooting if you want to make an impact, and while Star Destroyers are recognizable, the New Rupublic’s MC75 Star Cruiser is a bit of an odd one. To help you out in your Fleet Battle attack runs, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining the Flagship subsystem locations in Star Wars: Squadrons so you know where to attack when you break through enemy lines.

Star Wars: Squadrons Flagship subsystems locations guide

Each faction’s Flagship has four main subsystems you’ll want to attack:: 

  • Shields x2: Disables shields when destroyed.
  • Targeting: Reduces ship’s rate of fire and accuracy when destroyed.
  • Power: Reveals weak points in blue when destroyed.

Knowing where they are is crucial, as you won’t have all that long to damage them before someone starts shooting you down. Before we point them out, it’s worth remembering that your targeting menu (Hold LT on Xbox One, L2 on PS4, or press 5 on PC - full controls here) will allow you to select Flagship subsystems as an option, meaning you can cycle through them (tap A on Xbox One, X on PS4, or E on PC). It can be tricky to set this up on the fly though, so here are the places you need to attack on each ship:

Star Destroyer subsystems - Empire

Flagship subsystem locations guide Star Wars: Squadrons - Star Destroyer
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Anyone who’s watched a few Star Wars movies will likely be familiar with the Star Destroyer’s subsystems, which include the following:

  • Shields x2: The two big angular orbs sitting on either side at the top of the ship.
  • Targeting: The rectangular block on the center of the top side of the ship. It’s on the lowest level of the ship’s tiered surface, wedged up against the first raised surface.
  • Power: The large smooth dome on the bottom of the ship.

MC75 subsystems - New Republic

Where to shoot Flagships star wars squadrons mc75 new republic

The rebel ship is a bit stranger, which makes learning its weak points all the more important. Here’s where to find them:

  • Shields x2: The large grills seen on either side of the main ship’s belly. They look like black lines from afar.
  • Targeting: The smaller antenna poking up on top of the ship. It sticks up a bit from the center and points backwards.
  • Power: The very base of the large, dangling antenna underneath the ship. You’ll want to aim for the bottom, fin-like bit, but you can hit the areas above this as well.

Take out the enemy Flagship subsystems in Star Wars: Squadrons and you’ll swing the battle in your favor. Make sure to study these weak points carefully so you don’t waste your chance during Fleet Battles! Now that you know where to attack, you can soar over to our Squadrons hub page by clicking here to find more guides and features!

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