BlackMilk x Nintendo collab brings Animal Crossing and Super Mario style to your wardrobe

Get the Tom Nook Look.

Australian-owned clothing brand BlackMilk has partnered with Nintendo for one of the best fashion collabs we’ve seen in years. The partnership will see Super Mario and Animal Crossing themed clothing hit the online store this month.

The BlackMilk x Super Mario arrives 7am AEST October 6 (2pm Oct 5 PT, 5pm OCT 5 EST, 10pm October 5 BST) October 6, while the BlackMilk x Animal Crossing collections will arrive on the online store October 13. If you’re keen to know what’s included in the former, you can already get a sneak peek at the Super Mario products by having a browse on the store’s collab page.

BlackMilk Nintendo Collab super mario
© BlackMilk, Nintendo

Fittingly for the series’ protagonist, Super-Mario-themed dungarees are the first items from the pack, but scrolling on through you’ll find everything from business shirts and dresses, to bomber jackets and activewear. If you’re into basketball or sports, it’s hard not to love the Super Mario Shooter and Ninja Pants combo, but our pick of the bunch has to be the Bowser Shiny Bomber Jacket. If villainous isn’t really your style, there are also Peach, Yoshi, and Mario options available.

Blackmilk super mario collab nintendo
© BlackMilk, Nintendo

While the collection by no means hides its inspirations, we’re also really into the more subtle patterns, such as the Yoshi flower dress which takes a closer second look to spot our green pal popping up all over. Easier to find than his hiding spot on Peach's castle at least!

Blackmilk animal crossing nintendo collab
© BlackMilk

Along with the BlackMilk x Super Mario collection, Animal Crossing items will be arriving on the store at 7am AEST October 13. So far most of the Animal Crossing collection has yet to be revealed, but the promotional image includes dungarees featuring Tom Nook and kids Timmy & Tommy, and a dress which features everyone’s favorite assistant, Isabelle.

BlackMilk is based in Australia, but promises worldwide shipping as well. The store page states that all orders will aim to ship by October 23, 2020, meaning it won’t be long before anything you order is on its way. If you’re interested to check out more gaming collabs then head over to our roundup page where we keep you posted on all the latest fashions and music partnerships in the gaming scene.

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