New levels in Fall Guys Season 2

All the new levels coming to Fall Guys in the Season 2 medieval update.

By this point the see-saws have claimed tens of thousand bean lives. It’s about time we had a change, and some new stages to tumble off over and over. Thankfully, Fall Guys Season 2 is just around the corner and brings with it several new levels for our colorful and rotund avatars to stumble through. Below, we’ve rounded up all the available information so far on new levels in Fall Guys Season 2.

New levels in Fall Guys Season 2

So far we’ve been given an official look at four new levels for Fall Guys Season 2. They all feature a medieval theme to match the Season, and we’ll start with the big one which was revealed this week.

Knight Fever

Type: Race

All new levels in Fall Guys Season 2 Knight Fever
© Mediatonic

We’ve been teased with glimpses of the concept art for this lengthy obstacle course for a while now, but this week it got the full reveal. Knight Fever is a new race-type level which looks to be one of the longest and most difficult ones yet. 

Designed to test even experienced players, it funnels the hordes of beans through swinging axe blades, rolling beams covered in spikes, slimy slopes, treacherous drawbridges, and a gully with a new obstacle called Thicc Bonkus (yes, really).

All new levels fall guys season 2 knight fever
© Mediatonic

It looks hellish, but as a first or second round course, it’ll allow roughly three quarters of contestants through, so this isn’t quite a round-killer like Slime Climb. Still, we’re certainly up for a bit more challenge than the likes of Dizzy Heights, so we look forward to playing this one… knightly.

Wall Guys

Type: Race

Fall Guys Season 2 new levels wall guys
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So we don’t yet know if this is the official name we’ll be seeing in game, but Wall Guys is the only other level we’ve had a good look at so far. In this semi-cooperative race level, beans must work together to shift blocks around, creating stairs and ramps to reach the next segment of the level. 

The more beans who work together, the faster you’ll be able to move larger blocks around. But spend too long lining things up, and all the other beans will capitalize on the fruits of your labor first. Will you put in the hard graft and hope other beans will come to your aid? Or perhaps you’d rather sit around and wait for someone else to do the work for you. Either way, you’ll need to master your grab work to succeed in Wall Guys.

Egg Siege

Type: Team

Season 2 update fall guys levels
© Mediatonic

Fall Guys Season 2 includes a new version of a level that many folks despise with a passion. The updated Egg Scramble version has players carrying their valued ovoid goods across drawbridges before they dunk them in much deeper baskets. Egg Siege makes it much, much tougher to steal eggs from opponent's baskets, making that initial rush and those golden eggs all the more important.

Hoopsie Legends

Type: Survival

Fall Guys Season 2 all levels hoopsie daisy
© Mediatonic

Another sequel level, Hoopsie Legends sees players race to jump through six hoops and qualify for the next round. Keep an eye out for special golden hoops which grant instant qualification when jumped through.

Those are all the new levels for Fall Guys Season 2 that we know of! Which is your favorite new level? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below! After that, head over to our list of all the levels to see the full collection. Fall Guys Season 2’s new levels will be added there when the update arrives this Thursday, October 8.

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