The biggest gaming Halloween events in 2020

Learn which of your favorite games are out to get you this October with special Halloween events for 2020.

Look behind you! No need to fret, it’s not a zombie – that’s just our list of the biggest gaming Halloween events for 2020. Spook season has officially arrived in the gaming world, and as we work through October, more and more of our favorite titles are adding halloween-themed events and items to the mix. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest and best of them below, to let you know which games will let you scare yourself silly in the most unsettling month of the year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Halloween recipes and outfits

  • Event end date: October 31

Our islands have taken a turn for the spooky this month, as a collection of Halloween crafting recipes have entered the rotation. They’re collectable from residents, bottles, and presents as usual, or you can find one item per day Nook’s Cranny too. As well as new face paint and eye color options, you can purchase candy from Nook’s Cranny this month before giving it as a gift to villagers on Halloween itself. There’s a limit to one per day and you’ll need them for a few crafting recipes too, so don’t forget to check in with the store on the regular! Visit your plaza on the night itself to see everyone dressed up in 

Among Us

Biggest Halloween updates in gaming 2020 - Among Us Halloween  event
© Innersloth

Halloween hats

  • Event end date: None

Halloween seems like the perfect time for a bit of treachery, and Among Us hasn’t missed its chance to join in the fun. There’s no special event here, but so long as you play in October, you should have access to Halloween hats to adorn your character. They seem to be a permanent addition, meaning you can enjoy them for the rest of the year as well.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Halloween event 2020 - all video game Halloween updates
© Respawn Entertainment, Shrugtal

Shadow Royale

  • Event start date: October 22
  • Event end date: November 3

The Shadow Royale limited-time mode sees fallen players revive in Shadow Form, able to assist their surviving teammates and seek revenge on their killers. Shadows have infinite respawns, but only while they have teammates alive in the game. What's worse, is that they're able to do full-on, Titanfall 2 style wallrunning. There are plenty of new cosmetics to earn too, including a hideous clown for Caustic. No, thank you!

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone haunting of Verdansk halloween
© Activision

The Haunting of Verdansk

  • Event start date: October 20
  • Event end date: November 3

The Haunting of Verdansk has begun, and we finally know everything included. The limited-time event brings Leatherface and SAW skins to Warzone, as well as a Zombie Royale mode where players respawn as the undead and have to hunt down survivors for a chance at life once more. Trick or Treat spots have appeared all over the map, encouraging Operators to search for Supply Boxes which either contain rare and permanent halloween unlocks, or horrifying scares. Squeamish players, beware.

Destiny 2

Festival of the Lost

  • Event end date: November 3

Destiny 2’s spookfest brings back many of the expected activities, including the Haunted Forest and collecting a huge supply of Festival of the Lost Masks. Those can be picked up from Eva Levante or by opening chests in the Haunted Forest, so get to work if you want to grab them all! This year has players collecting Cipher Decoders which they can take into the Haunted Forest in the hopes of earning loot and completing Triumphs.


Fortnitemares: Midas' Revenge

  • Event start date: October 21

Much like the other big FPS contenders, Fortnite's Halloween fest includes a zombie-style feature which sees downed players revive as Shadows. Hunting the living, these Shadows can attempt to win a Nitemare Royale using special abilities like posessing vehicles. Head over to The Agency and you'll find Mida's undead henchmen guarding the loot within. Naturally, there are a bunch of Fortnitemares challenges to complete for spooky cosmetics, and you can even grab yourself a witches' broom to ride down into the fight.

Team Fortress 2

TF2 scream fortress 12
© Valve

Scream Fortress XII

  • Event end date: November 7

Taking the crown for most unexpected Halloween event of 2020, Scream Fortress XII continues the 13-year-old title’s spooky annual event. The update added four spooky new maps (Megalo, Bloodwater, Hassle Castle, and Moldergrove) and a Wicked Windfall Case packed with Halloween items to unlock. There are a bunch of community-created items in the mix as well, including war paints, effects, and a brand new taunt. 

Scream Fortress XII will also let you enjoy the usual Halloween contacts, with Soul Gargoyles tasking you to complete various objectives during matches. You can check out the full update notes from Valve here.


Overwatch halloween terror 2020
© Blizzard

Halloween Terror 2020

  • Event start date: October 13
  • Event end date: November 3

Blizzard's Halloween Terror 2020 event has now been fully detailed, and features a full run of spooky skins for all manner of heroes and villains. You can check out the full list here to see what you can unlock during the runtime. Our favorite? Echo's terrifying patchwork look with the Ragdoll skin!

We’ll update this list with any other Halloween gaming events for 2020 that we come across, as well as the details for events that have yet to be fully revealed. Check back again soon to find more unsettling events haunting your favorite games this month, or share the details of others with us in the comments section down below!

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