Destiny 2: Beyond Light new armor and weapons revealed

Check out all the new armor and weapons in Destiny 2: Beyond Light with fun new traits for your loadout.

The new armor and weapons in Destiny 2: Beyond Light have been revealed in a trailer showing off all the fun new ways you can build your guardian.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light's new armor and weapons make good use of the expansion/reboot's new element, Stasis, in the unique traits they add to your build. Combining them with some of your other armor and weapon pieces could make some truly broken guardians out there in the crucible. Or, at the very least, some guardians you can shatter with your icy new powers. Check out some of them in action in the trailer below:

Destiny 2: Beyond Light new weapons

  • No Time To Explain – Rocket Launcher, creates a 'personal protection portal' that will tank shots and shoot enemies back for you.
  • Couldstrike – Sniper Rifle, chains lightning to nearby enemies on precision shots.
  • The Lament – Sword, does extra damage to get through Barrier shields. Also it's a frickin' chainsaw.
  • Salvation's Grip – Heavy Grenade Launcher, launches Stasis projectiles which creates ice crystals and walls, freezes enemies on impact.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light new armor

  • Icefall Mantle – Titan Gauntlets, replaces placeable Barricade with a personal Overshield instead.
  • Precious Scars – Titan Helmet, reviving team-mates creates a shielding aura chained between you and other team-mates.
  • Mask of Bakris – Hunter Helmet, replaces your Dodge with a teleporting Shift (avoids damage and relocates, nice).
  • Arthrys's Embrace – Hunter Gauntlets, improves your Weighted Knife so it can ricochet off multiple walls. The CoD bouncy tomahawk is back!
  • Dawn Chorus – Warlock Helmet, increases initial and burn damage of your flamey Daybreak sword.
  • Necrotic Grip – Warlock Gauntlets, melee damage spreads poison to nearby enemies in a chained AoE.

Those are all the new Destiny 2: Beyond Light weapons and armor pieces we've seen so far, what sort of guardian build are you going to put together with your new Stasis powers? Destiny 2: Beyond Light arrives on November 10, just in time for the next generation of consoles.


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