Gamers.Vote wants to level up voting in the United States

The #GameTheVote campaign aims to reach the reported 130+ million video game fans in the USA.

Are you planning to vote this year? It’s a democratic right that, to many of us, often ends up falling by the wayside for all manner of reasons despite its potential effect on our lives. Gamers.Vote is looking to change that, targeting the gaming community in the United States with a drive to increase voting attendance.

Describing itself as a “nonpartisan, non-profit organization that encourages and supports the act of participation,” the organization’s aim isn’t to influence your decision in any manner. Instead, it only wants to encourage the “130+ million potential voters” in the gaming community to get involved with election days.

As Gamers.Vote notes, the gaming community has conquered a staggering quantity of challenges in video games both online and off. It’s looking to push that drive towards the ballot box through the #GameTheVote campaign. Aiming to reach and inspire video game fans across the nation who might not otherwise take part in elections, Gamers.Vote helps by providing awareness alongside advice and the tools needed to register and vote in your state.

They’re not alone either. HyperX and Rogue join an enormous number of gaming brands that have partnered with Gamers.Vote to rally for electoral participation. The full list of partners includes other publishers, developers, streaming platforms such as Twitch, esports organizations, clothing brands, and more.

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Gamers.Vote is also encouraging streamers and content producers to take part in the campaign by including elements in their shows that enable gamers to register or discover information on voting and voting registration for their area. Some may even include “virtual rewards for registration selfies.”

If you want to find out more about Gamers.Vote, want to take part in the #GameTheVote campaign, or you're interested to know how to register to vote in your state, we recommend visiting the organization’s FAQ page for further information. You’ll find links to register to vote in your state at the top of the website, so you can have your say in the upcoming United States elections.

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