How insurance works in Phasmophobia

Getting ghosted often? Here's how Phasmophobia's insurance works to recoup some of your losses.

Insurance is confusing as hell in real life, and Phasmophobia doesn’t really make it any more obvious to understand. If you get caught by a ghostie, you might make some money for risking your life during a haunt, but how does this system work, and how can you make sure you claim that insurance money? In this guide, we’ll explain how insurance works in Phasmophobia so you can make sure you’re compensated for those spooky assaults.

How insurance works in Phasmophobia

How insurance works in Phasmophobia
Here's where we'd claim our insurance. You know, if we had any items to cover. 
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When a ghost decides it doesn’t like you, your survival chances are a little grim. Should a hunt take place and you get killed, you’ll lose all of the equipment you brought in on the job. All the standard gear like the EMF reader, camera, and Ghost Writing Book will be resupplied of course, but any additional items purchased and taken in will be lost permanently.

Fortunately, while you’re playing on the lower difficulty settings, you will get some money back in compensation for your lost gear (apparently your life isn’t really worth anything or covered). When you play on Amateur difficulty, you’ll be refunded 50% of the price of any lost items once you’re back in the main lobby. Because we all make mistakes in the early days. Step things up to Intermediate and you’ll only get 25% of the cost of your items back. Finally, once you’re ready to play on Professional difficulty, you won’t get a single cent back when you’re killed.

How to use insurance

How to get Insurance in Phasmophobia guide
The insurance you receive is based on the purchased items that you take into a job.
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Because insurance is based on difficulty, you should really learn how to use all the different items while you’re still playing on Amateur. You’re more likely to die if you don’t understand how one works, which means it’s good to get practice in before the price of failure is too costly. 

We recommend playing a few early missions without buying any equipment, just to learn the basic systems. Then, once you’ve figured out how to find the ghost and keep yourself alive, you can start using your savings to buy different items and take them on hunts with you. A thermometer is an ideal starting point, as this will help you locate many ghost rooms with ease.

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That’s all there is to know about how insurance works in Phasmophobia. If you’re after more guides that’ll help save your life and make big bucks as a ghost hunter, click here to visit our hub page for the game.

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