The PS4 now has a free Black Lives Matter theme

Download the striking new theme from the PlayStation Store today.

Take a look at the PlayStation Store today and you’ll find a new Black Lives Matter theme available to download for free on the PS4.

Dropped to the store today, the new theme features the raised fist of the Black Lives Matter logo, formed from yellow lines on top of a solid black background. It’s a striking theme that really helps the menu stand out, which is absolutely the point. It doesn’t sound like there are any restrictions as to how long it will be available to download, so there’s no need to rush if you’re worried about missing your chance to grab it. 

Here's Sony's example image of how the PS4 Black Lives Matter theme looks, as shared on the official PlayStation Twitter account:

Ps4 Black Lives Matter Theme
© Sony

The easiest way to obtain new themes on the PS4 is to open hit up on the main menu, then open the settings. Scroll down the Settings like to Themes then choose Select Themes. All the ones you currently own will be shown here, but at the bottom of the list you’ll see the option to Find in PlayStation Store. From here you can set the price filter to Free and the theme should be easily visible. Alternatively, you can reach the PS4 Black Lives Matter theme store page directly by clicking here.

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