Share Not Your Treasures Genshin Impact quest walkthrough

Unearth a treasure with our guide.

There are plenty of side quests to check out in the sweeping open world of Genshin Impact. One that's a bit tricky to get through is Share Note Your Treasures. But don't worry, this guide will cover how to get through the whole quest line easy as pie!

Genshin Impact: Share Not Your Treasures Walkthrough

Genshin Impact: Share Not Your Treasures Walkthrough © miHoYo
 © miHoYo

Share Not Your Treasures is originally obtained by reading the Worn Letter item received from the ruins in the southwest area of Gului Plains. There will be a Ruin Guard at the entrance you'll have to take down. Once that's taken care of, interact with the Worn Letter in the center of the room. This will make the quest start. 

The Worn Letter will lead you to the next portion of your quest. Be sure to have a Pyro character with you, as you'll need someone who can light fires. Once you get to the location marked on the map, you will find an unlit bonfire. Use your Pyro character to light the bonfire. Enemies will spawn and you'll need to defeat them. Once you do, read the scribbled writing hidden in the northwest portion of the ruins to reveal the next part of the quest. 

To finish off Share Not Your Treasures, you'll need to reach the highest peak of the Cuijue Slope. At the top, you will find a pile of rubble with a shovel sticking out. Use this shovel and the "Dig" prompt to unearth the chest you are looking for. Once you open it, the quest will complete and you will receive 30 Primogems and 250 Adventure Rank experience, along with other rewards if you're lucky. Be careful though, items may roll down the hill if you're not paying attention. 

That's all we know about the Share Not Your Treasures world quest in Genshin Impact. For more features and guides, click here to visit our game hub.


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