Need a single Joy-Con? Nintendo will soon have you covered

For all those Joy-free accidents.

Nintendo will begin selling single Joy-Cons from November 9.

Yes, anyone who’s accidentally thrown a Joy-Con out the window during a slightly too vigorous game of Fitness Boxing will finally have the chance to replace their lost part. Where you’re after the Joy or the Con – that is how the two parts are labelled, right? – Nintendo will have you covered.

The single Joy-Cons will come in Neon Blue for the left controller, and Neon Red for the right controller. Yes, that does mean you could end up with a grey left controller paired up with a red right one. But hey, that just makes you even more unique than most! The single Joy-Cons will cost $39.99 from the Nintendo store and will likely be made available at wider retailers. That’s roughly half the $79.99 regular asking price for a pair of Joy-Cons.

For any folks suffering from Joy-Con drift and struggling to get a repair through Nintendo, the option to purchase a new Joy-Con may well prove to be an expensive but necessary purchase. With separable controllers, the potential of breaking a single Joy-Con very real indeed, which makes it somewhat surprising that Nintendo hasn’t offered up single Joy-Cons before now. But for anyone who’s suffered the misfortune of a broken Joy-Con, this will make for very good news indeed.

To recap: Nintendo will begin selling single Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch from November 9 this year. Available colours are Neon Red and Neon Blue.

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