Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths keys and locations

Find all the Shrine of Depths, and unlock them too!

Scattered across Genshin Impact's open world map are imposing obelisks called Shrine of Depths. Each of them houses a Luxurious Chest which yields a drop of equipment between 1 and 4 stars, Adventure EXP, Primogems, and essential upgrade materials. To find these Shrines, check out this guide!

Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths keys and locations

Genshin Impact Shrine of Depths keys and locations© miHoYo
© miHoYo


To access any Shrine of Depths you are going to need a key. When you reach a Shrine, it will prompt you for a key to get past the barrier. These keys need to be sourced by playing the game. Some quests will drop them as rewards upon completion, but the easiest way to get them is to run Domains as they unlock while leveling up your Adventure Rank. Some good ones to get key drops from are the Temple of the Lion and the Temple of the Wolf. Below you will find the Domains and quests in the Mondstadt and Liyue regions that reward Shrine keys.

Mondstadt Domains

  • Temple of the Falcon (Adventure Rank 12, 1 key)
  • Temple of the Wolf (Adventure Rank 15, 1 key)
  • Temple of the Lion (Adventure Rank 18, 1 key)
  • Eagle's Gate (Adventure Rank 21, 1 key)

Liyue Domains

  • Domain of Forsaken Ruins (Adventure Rank 24, 1 key)
  • Domain of the Wayward Path (Adventure Rank 27, 1 key)
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula "Voyage to the Sanguine Sky” (Adventure Rank 30, 1 key)
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula “Travels of the Moonlit Venturer” (Adventure Rank 35, 1 key)

Mondstadt Quests

  • New Horizons of Adventure (Archon Quest, 1 key)
  • Adventure Rank Ascension 1 (Adventure Rank 25, 1 key)

Liyue Quests

  • The Chi of Guyun (1 key)
  • The Tree who Stands Alone (1 key)
  • Treasure Lost, Treasure Found (1 key)
  • Adventure Rank Ascension 2 (Adventure Rank 35, 3 keys)


Each region of Genshin Impact's map has 10 Shrine of Depths, so finding every Shrine, especially in the more puzzle-centric Liyue map, can be difficult. To find each Shrine in Genshin Impact, use the above map to pinpoint their locations. And for more help in your resource hunting, check out this super handy resource tracking tool!

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