Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass amps up the grind

Fans are struggling to make any progress in Apex Legends' Season 7 battle pass after changes to system.

Fans are having a hard time making any progress in the Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass after Respawn made some changes to the way levels are earned.

This season the battle pass levels up by earning stars, which represent a tenth of a level's worth of xp, as explained by senior product manager Geoff Harrison.

The developers also rolled recurring weekly challenges into daily challenges to simplify the way progress is tracked, in theory, but in practice it appears all the changes have made earning battle pass progress a slow-going affair for most fans.

The Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass takes quite a lot of effort to level up, © u/GrubbyLilPaws

The Apex Legends Season 7 battle pass takes quite a lot of effort to level up.

© u/GrubbyLilPaws

One particularly resonant post on Reddit claims that the equivalent of 20,000xp after completing all five daily challenges and earning a win with three Top 5 finishes, was only just enough to reach level 2 of the battle pass. Others in the thread claimed that five hours of gameplay wasn't enough to level up the battle pass, which if you extrapolate across the 88 days left in the season and 100 levels left to complete, could be leaving people with more than 450 hours of play time to net those last legendaries.

Perhaps aware that the changes could result in a longer grind, Respawns changes to the battle pass system also made premium battle pass boosts more effect, now increasing progress by up to 50% of the incoming XP from challenge completion.

Fans have certainly made their struggles known to Respawn on the Apex Legends subreddit, which is closely monitored by community staff, but there has been no communication of changes to be made to the progression system yet. That said, if you're planning on playing 400 hours of Apex over winter then maybe this is good news?

Apex Legends Season 7 and its battle pass are available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with new map Olympus and a new Legend, Horizon, to give the free-to-play players plenty of new toys to try out regardless.


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