This Fall Guys Christmas sweater is as hideous as it is beautiful

A crowning achievement.

Ugly sweaters have become quite the chic holiday attire in recent years. If you’re looking to rep some seriously eye-watering clothing in 2020’s colder months, look no further than Numbskull’s new Fall Guys Christmas jumper / ugly sweater. 

We’re not quite sure we can bring ourselves to describe it as a feast for the eyes, but the bean-based design is most definitely going to turn heads when you walk into the room. O given this is 2020, pop into the Zoom call window to chat from afar. 

Fall Guys Christmas jumper ugly
© Numbskull, Mediatonic

Featuring a rainbow of bright pastel blue, yellow, red, and pink, the sweater really shouldn’t work but somehow does. There are beans dotted all over the design, tumbling in each and every direction (presumably after a sizeable yeet). Naturally, a giant Fall Guy takes center stage, with his arms outstretched as if waiting for hugs. You might also notice the only somewhat terrifying doors of Gate Crash popping up from the bottom. These ones remain firmly unbreakable, however, so don't go punching people in the gut just to test it.

Fall guys ugly sweater holiday gift
© Numbskull, Mediatonic

Best of all, if you’ve still yet to snatch a Crown in-game, buying this sweater will ensure you’ve got one close to your heart over the colder months. Take that, Fall Mountain! Now if only we could afford looks like this in-game as well...

Picking up one of the official designs will cost you $34.99 (£34.99 / €39.99), available from Numbskull's Worldwide, EU, and US store pages. If you really want to show your love for Fall Guys, feel free to pair it with a tutu, boxing belt, Sonic suit, Godzilla costume, or any other kind of ridiculous bottom-half outfit. It might not help you win future crowns, but you can be sure it'll make you look good. Okay, we can't even guarantee that.

Those looking for in-game Fall Guys news can enjoy the upcoming mid-season update, which is due to introduce new levels and variations to the game next week! For more Fall Guys news and content, click here to tumble your way to the game's hub page.

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