PUBG's Update 9.2 serves up hardened wedding day looks in the Battle Bride Pass

The many deadly looks of scorned bride Sadiya Qureshi available in PUBG's Battle Bride Pass.

PUBG Update 9.2 will come with a unique character pass dedicated to new Battlegrounds legend Sadiya Qureshi, the scorned bride. If you're unfamiliar with Sadiya, we recommend getting caught up on her backstory to understand why a woman would play battle royale in her ruined wedding dress. To be fair we'd probably rock the same look if we'd been through what she has.

The Battle Bride Pass operates differently from season passes. To start, this is solely a premium track pass with 15 levels you can climb through by gaining XP through usual gameplay. Level up coupons cannot be used, however you can purchase levels with PUBG's recently introduced in-game currency: G-Coin. The Battle Bride Pass will be available from now until December 16 and run for 28 days from the date of your purchase, so even if you miss the start you don't have to worry about lost time. Now that you know how it works, let's see these hot looks from Sadiya's Autumn/Winter 2020 collection!

Blushing Bride

Those heels must be murder, but then so is the island.
Those heels must be murder, but then that's the name of the game.

Sadiya's wedding dress is a mixture of classical, romantic textures with modern touches – perfect for a bride on a mission. The dress is finished in stunning ivory silk, and cut to a mini length with a multi-tiered skirt (for mobility on the battlefield, some fashion sacrifices must be made). The strapless bodice is embellished with handmade lace and Sadiya has accessorized with a hair comb veil, Victorian-inspired lace choker necklace and white satin Mary Jane heels.

All materials for her dress were sourced locally on Karakin, which is home to the Jamila textile factory. This dress is ideal for the Karakin heat and – little did Sadiya know when picking it out at the boutique – great for having to evade gunfire.

Battle Bride Mode Engaged

A woman scorned...
A woman scorned...looks fabulous in white? Can't actually remember how that idiom ends.

Sadly, Sadiya's wedding day did not go according to plan however that wasn't going to stop her from using her tattered wedding dress as the base for her battle royale look. The Battle Bride Pass includes all the outfits Sadiya goes through in the motion comic of her origin story, which you can watch through here.

After her ceremony's unfortunate end, she threw on a harness, some combat boots and BOOM, Sadiya looks ready to play in a 90's grunge band or achieve Battlegrounds infamy. This pared back take on the traditional wedding day attire might be more suited to the dusty dangers of PUBG's desert deathbowl than a reception ballroom for a first dance.

Neutralizing Tones

Just heading to the gym! #gains #goals #murderedhusband #revenge
Just heading to the gym! #gains #goals #murderedhusband #revenge

Can we talk about this cream, cold shoulder top with an asymmetric lace print? Because we've been dying to talk about this cream, cold shoulder top with an asymmetric lace print. It pairs perfectly with dark khaki jeggings (great for breathability and movement, and not afraid of a little dust) and desert tone combat boots. It's like the gym bunny look but if the gym was in the middle of an active warzone.

To put a little icing on this neutral tone masterpiece, try a pair of cateye shades and a limited edition Jamila print backpack. A quintessential casual look for the Queen of Karakin. Keep in mind while playing that if a battle bride is throwing something at you, it's probably not the bouquet. 

PUBG's 9.2 Update hits live servers on PC today, November 18, and consoles on November 26. The Battle Bride Pass, with all its devastating looks above, will be available to buy until December 16 and run for 28 days from whichever day you decide you can't live without being a battle-hardened bride anymore.


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