Travis Scott's PlayStation collaboration expands to merch

The rapper and Cactus Jack brand captain is making major moves with Sony this year.

Travis Scott is quickly becoming the hottest collab name in gaming, as his alliance with Japanese gaming giant Sony on the PlayStation 5 launch has spawned merch which you can now put in your wardrobe.

The line of Cactus Jack x PlayStation wear includes some fetching (and pleasingly muted) Nike Dunks with the iconic multicolored PS logo on the heel, as well as a range of t-shirts and hoodies that range from the basic PlayStation logo to something closer to streetwear that wouldn't be out of place in the fashion-obsessed alleys of Harajuku.

This is all part of Scott's latest appointment as the new strategic creative partner for Sony's PlayStation division, a posting that has seen him fly out to Tokyo to redesign the firm's top-floor office as part of shooting that iconic Maxell commercial homage.

His latest collaborations with PlayStation are just one of a dozen or so feathers in his gaming collab hat for this year alone. So far in 2020, the Houston-born rapper released a chart-topping track called “Fortnite”, part of his extended partnership with Epic Games. Outside of gaming he's hooked up with McDonalds on a meal deal and a line of Cactus Jack-themed merchandise, and even teased a collaboration with 2000s hip-hop favorite Evisu, still in the oven. And that’s alongside appearing on tracks with Kid Cudi, Rosalía, MIA, Kanye West and Migos. Travis making the rest of us feel bad about how much we achieved in quarantine.

If you'd like to check out the full range of Travis Scott's PlayStation merch, check the man's store right here.


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