Hitman 3 stalks the shiny neon streets of Chongqing in new trailer

Hitman 3's Glacier engine shown off in sneak peek at new Chongqing location ahead of January release.

Hitman 3 will whisk us away to the shiny, neon-soaked streets of China's third city Chongqing when it arrives on January 20, 2021.

A sneak peek of the game's Glacier engine from developers IO Interactive gives us our first look at the central Chinese megacity, which shows off all the lovely lighting effects you expect from a next-gen Hitman game.

Agent 47's leather coat gets soaked and rivulets of rainwater wash down his bald head as neon street signs bounce off his polished dome. He's the perfect reference ball for a lighting tech demo, it seems.

The improvements don't end at shiny light bouncing though, as more than 300 ambient AI entities can be supported per level, giving you a frankly baffling number of NPC routes to memorize if you want to pull off the perfect assassination.

All of this should be a nice taste of what's to come if you've seen news of the new James Bond game IO Interactive are working on, which is sure to be the suavest spy game we've seen yet on the basis of these updated interaction animations.

Many of these enhancements will also make the leap back to Hitman 1 and 2, as those continue to be updated inline. So even if you aren't jetting off with Hitman 3 on Januar 20, 2021, there should be something to look forward to in your double life as an assassin.


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