Genshin Impact birthdays and birthday rewards

Find out what you get as a birthday reward and learn the birthdays of all your companions in Genshin Impact.

As in many video games and very much unlike real life, Genshin Impact allows you to pick the birthday of the mysterious Traveler character you play. When that day rolls around on the calendar, you’ll be rewarded with a few special gifts, but it’s not just your birthday that’s celebrated. All the playable characters in Genshin Impact have set birthdays which offer up a few special treats to players who log in then. In this guide we’ll break down the Genshin impact birthday rewards as well as listing out the Genshin Impact birthdays for all the currently playable characters.

Genshin Impact birthday rewards

Genshin impact birthday rewards and character birthdays
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Before you’re able to claim any birthday rewards in Genshin impact, you’ll first need to set your birthday. You can do this by opening the Summon Paimon menu and picking the Birthday option. This will start blank, allowing you to add any date you please. Be warned though that once you set a birthday it’ll be locked in for good.

On your chosen day you’ll be able to receive a birthday reward in the mail in the form of the Cake for Traveler cake! Use the Cake and you’ll receive two Fragile Resin which can be used to restore 60 Original Resin each. It’s an item that’ll stay in your inventory forever (even when consumed) and comes with the description:

“A souvenir left over from a very special day. Here’s to you, the brightest star in the night sky. Wishing you a joyous journey in this great big world.”

In addition to the cake, you’ll also unlock birthday wished from all the characters you’ve currently got. Head to the Voice-Over section of their profiles to have a listen. Any characters you unlock in future will also have access to their birthday lines.

All character birthdays in Genshin Impact

Playable characters birthdays Genshin Impact
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Below we’ve gathered all the available information on playable characters’ birthdays in Genshin Impact. When you reach one of the dates listed you should be sure to check your mail as each character will send you a message about their birthday along with an item related to their personality and a few level up materials as well. You’ll have 30 days of their birthday to claim the items from your mail. In addition, a new Voice Over line will also be unlocked, to be checked as described above. Here are all the playable characters’ birthdays in Genshin Impact:

  • Thoma's's Birthday: January 9
  • Diona's Birthday: January 18
  • Rosaria's Birthday: January 24
  • Beidou's Birthday: February 14
  • Sangonomiya Kokomi's Birthday: February 22
  • Bennet's Birthday: February 29
  • Qiqi's Birthday: March 3
  • Shene's Birthday: March 10
  • Jean's Birthday: March 14
  • Noelle's Birthday: March 21
  • Aloy's Birthday: April 4
  • Xiao's Birthday: April 17
  • Diluc's Birthday: April 30
  • Gorou's Birthday: May 18
  • Yun Jin's Birthday: May 21
  • Fischl's Birthday: May 27
  • Arataki Itto's Birthday: June 1
  • Paimon's Birthday: June 1
  • Lisa's Birthday: June 9
  • Venti's Birthday: June 16
  • Yoimiya's Birthday: June 21
  • Raiden Shogun's Birthday: June 26
  • Barbara's Birthday: July 5
  • Kujou Sara's Birthday: July 14
  • Hu Tao's Birthday: July 15
  • Tartaglia's Birthday: July 20
  • Klee's Birthday: July 27
  • Yanfei's Birthday: July 28
  • Amber's Birthday: August 10
  • Ningguang's Birthday: August 26
  • Mona's Birthday: August 31
  • Chongyun's Birthday: September 7
  • Razor's Birthday: September 9
  • Albedo's Birthday: September 13
  • Kamisayo Ayaka's Birthday: September 28
  • Xingqiu's Birthday: October 9
  • Xinyan's Birthday: October 16
  • Sayu's Birthday: October 19
  • Eula's Birthday: October 25
  • Kaedehara Kazuha's Birthday: October 29
  • Xiangling's Birthday: November 2
  • Keqing's Birthday: November 20
  • Sucrose's Birthday: November 26
  • Kaeya's Birthday: November 30
  • Zhongli's Birthday: December 31 (not yet added as playable)

And just like that, we’ve covered all the information we have on Genshin impact birthday rewards and playable characters’ birthdays. For more guides relating to the game, be sure to click here so you can visit our Genshin Impact hub page!

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