Monster Hunter World Coral Crystal farming guide

Where to find Coral Crystal and how to farm it quickly.

Coral Crystal is one of the more important ores in Monster Hunter World. It's a rare material needed for much of the Pukei Pukei gear tree, and lets you get up into Rarity Level 4 weapons. It can be tough to find enough Coral Crystal to upgrade everything you want, so you'll need a good way of grabbing as much as you can carry. Here's how to get Coral Crystal and the fastest way to farm it up.

How to get Coral Crystal

You’ll need to make your way pretty far through the game before you can even start to look for Coral Crystal. Play through your main assignments until you reach the mission ‘One of the History Books’. This mission sends you up to the Coral Highlands, a new area that you’ll get to explore and head out on Expeditions in.

Once you’ve completed the mission, you’ll be able to head out into the highlands and explore without a time limit. When you’re out and about, keep an eye out for small blue crystal shards that stick up out of the ground in random places, similar to the mining outcrops from the previous areas. You can approach and mine these by pressing Circle/B. This will reward you with the most common ore in the area, as well as sometimes granting you some Coral Crystal.

The best place to farm Coral Crystal

If you want to increase your chances of finding Coral Crystal, then head to the top-right corner of the Coral Highlands. In Area 11 and Area 20 of the Coral Highlands there are quite a few deposits spawn in a tight grouping, giving you an easy way to run around farming for the materials that you need. They don't refresh by the time you've finished mining the last one, but if you head to one of the other areas then by the time you return they should be ready to farm again.

There’s also always the chance that you’ll get something more than just Iron Ore or Coral Crystal when mining these outcroppings, so make sure you’re grabbing them whenever you spot them. Even if you don’t need the crystals themselves, you can always sell them to the vendor to get your hands on some extra Zenny, which is never a bad thing. And ore, like exotic mushrooms and bonepiles, doesn't take up any room in your inventory so grab everything you can!


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