All Elemental Reactions and Resonances in Genshin Impact

Learn the powerful combos offered by Elemental Reactions and Resonances in Genshin Impact so you can master its combat.

Combat in Genshin Impact can be surprisingly tricks, especially when you’re dealing with the various elemental effects each character and foe can muster. If you want to master your battle skills, you’ll need to learn the Elemental Reactions created by combining different attack types, as well as the Elemental Resonances generated by members of your party. If you’re wondering what to combine, we’ve broken down all the Elemental Reactions and Resonances in Genshin Impact below for you to check in one handy list.

All Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact

All elemental reactions in Genshin Impact
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Elemental Reactions are created in Genshin Impact by attacking a foe with two types of elemental damage. Depending on the combination, you’ll create a bonus effect which can deal damage over time, area-of-effect damage, and more. Learning the different combinations is crucial to maximizing your effectiveness in combat, so study the Elemental Reactions below well (or just stick this page on your second monitor – we won’t judge).

  • Burning: Dendro + Pyro
    • Deals Pyro damage over time
  • Crystalize: Geo + Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro
    • Generates a crystal that grants a shield when picked up
    • The shield protects against the combined element more effectively
  • Electro-Charged: Electro + Hydro
    • Deals Electro damage over time
  • Frozen: Cryo + Hydro
    • Freezes your target
  • Melt: Cryo + Pyro
    • Deals extra damage to the target based on order
    • Cryo -> Pyro = 2x Pyro damage
    • Pyro -> Cryo = 1.5x Cryo damage
  • Overloaded: Electro + Pyro
    • Deals Pyro damage in an area of effect around the target
  • Superconduct: Cyro+ Electro
    • Deals Cryo damage in an area of effect around the target
    • Reduces target’s physical resistance by 50%
  • Swirl: Anemo + Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro
    • Deals extra elemental damage to target and spreads the effect
  • Vaporize: Hydro + Pyro
    • Deals extra damage to the target based on order
    • Hydro -> Pyro = 1.5x Pyro damage
    • Pyro -> Hydro = 2x Hydro damage

All Elemental Resonances in Genshin Impact

All elemental resonances in Genshin Impact
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Though the name might be confusingly similar to the reactions above, Elemental Resonances are a different effect generated based on the party members you’re running with. Unlike reactions, here you’re rewarded for using the same type of element. Any time you have a full party, you’ll be granted bonus effects based on the elemental type you’ve got by your side. Here’s how all the Elemental Resonances in Genshin Impact work:

  • Fervent Flames: Pyro + Pyro
    • Increases your attack by 25%
    • Reduces the time Cryo affects you by 40%
  • Soothing Waters: Hydro + Hydro
    • Increases incoming healing effects by 30%
    • Reduces the time Pyro affects you by 40%
  • Impetuous Winds: Anemo + Anemo
    • Increases movement speed by 10%
    • Reduces stamina consumption by 15%
    • Reduces skill cooldowns by 5%
  • High Voltage: Electro + Electro
    • Superconduct, Overloaded, and Electro-Charged have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle (with a 5s cooldown)
    • Reduces the time Hydro affects you by 40%
  • Shattering Ice: Cryo + Cryo
    • Increases critical rate against frozen or Cryo-affected enemies by 15%
    • Reduces the time Electro affects you by 40%
  • Enduring Rock: Geo + Geo
    • Increases your resistance to interruption
    • If you have a shield, your attack damage is increased by 15%
  • Protective Canopy: Any combination of four unique elements
    • Increases all elemental resistances by 15%

And with that, you’ve now learned all the Elemental Reactions and Resonances in Genshin Impact. While you’ll certainly have favorite characters for your squad, it does pay to build around the benefits offered, particularly in terms of the reactions during combat. Click here to head to our Genshin Impact hub where you can find more useful tips and tricks for the game!

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