Genshin Impact gliding challenge locations, tips and rewards

How to start the Genshin Impact gliding challenges and what rewards await you every day during the event.

The latest Genshin Impact gliding challenge event is for anyone who considers themself a high flier in the world of Teyvat. Hughes the adventurer has arrived, bringing new gliding challenges to tackle each day during the event’s 10-day runtime. To help you soar to success, we’ve put together a guide to all the gliding challenge locations in Genshin Impact, including the steps you’ll need to take part in the gliding challenge. Think you can unseat Amber as the true gliding champion of the land? Show off your moves!

How to start Hughes’ gliding challenge in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact gliding challenge start Hughes location
Hughes is hanging out on a cliff in Liyue where you can start the first gliding challenge. 
© miHoYo

The Gliding Challenge will run from December 4 through December 14, giving you 10 days to complete all the available challenges. Before you can take part in this special event, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. To start, you must be of Adventure Rank 20 to take part. So long as you’re there, you need to meet up with Hughes and complete his quest called Fly High. To find the first gliding challenge, it will be added to your quest list when you log in, or you can navigate to the challenge from the Events menu. Find the first challenge, Birds In The Breeze, at the location above, a map of which you can find further down but it's just next to Luhua Pool's south cliff. 

Genshin Impact gliding challenge rewards

Genshin Impact gliding challenge rewards
The first day's gliding challenge can earn you a nice haul of prizes.
© miHoYo

If the first day of the Genshin Impact gliding challenge rewards are anything to go by, then each day you can earn up to:

  • 60 primogems
  • 60,000 mora
  • 2 "Guide"-level talent-up materials
  • 3 Hero's Wit character EXP materials

To earn all of them, you'll need to score Gold Insignia-worthy performances, the first day requires over 30,000 points in the gliding challenge but we're unsure if future days will require the same. You earn all rewards for each previous tier, so make sure to collect them all by clicking each insignia, even if you max out first time! The breakdown per insignia is below:

  • Bronze Insignia (10,000 points): 60 primogems
  • Silver Insignia (20,000 points): 30,000 mora and 2 Guide to "Freedom" talent-up materials
  • Gold Insignia (30,000 points): 30,000 mora and 3 Hero's Wit

All gliding challenge locations in Genshin Impact

Once you’ve beaten Hughes Fly High quest, new Gliding Challenge locations will be added to your map. There are a total of seven challenges, and a new location will be added each day. The more quickly you beat the courses, the more insignia you will collect, earning rewards for high scores. Each challenge can be taken as many times as you like to improve your score. Remember that you’ll be granted new gliding powers during the challenges, so make sure to use them! Will that in mind, here are all the gliding challenge locations in Genshin Impact that we know of so far:

Gliding Challenge 1: Birds in the Breeze (December 4)

Genshin Impact gliding challenge day 1 location
Find the first gliding challenge, Birds in the Breeze, where Hughes is hanging out for his Fly High quest, looking out over Luhua Pool.
© miHoYo

To start the Genshin Impact gliding challenges, head to where Hughes is marked on your map. There's a challenge podium right next to him, so just hit that and you can try and get the high score to earn all those rewards.

Gliding Challenge 2: Spread Your Wings (December 5)

genshin impact gliding challenge day 2 location
On a cliff overlooking the rope bridges in Huaguang Stone Forest you'll find Day 2's gliding challenge.
© miHoYo

Find today's gliding challenge by teleporting to the Mt. Aozang point and dropping off the cliff to the south, there's no Hughes next to it today to guide you in, but the red challenge post is there as a start point. Today's is tricky with the sigil placement so be careful with how much you use the Ascend skill, you'll need it a lot.

Gliding Challenge 3: Fly With The Wind (December 6)

genshin impact gliding challenge day 3 location
Head East of Springvale to find Gliding Challenge 3.
© miHoYo

You can find Gliding Challenge 3 to the East of Springvale, there are plenty of elemental pickups in this one so you shouldn't have much trouble earning your Sprint abilities. You can use them for a very slight height increase if your Ascend is on cooldown and you need to pick up one of the five sigils. As long as you have about a minute and 30 seconds left you should get your Gold Insignia.

Gliding Challenge 4: Wind Barriers (December 7)

genshin impact gliding challenge day 4 location
Today's a tricky one, so read below for some tips on finding all 5 insignia during Gliding Challenge 4.

Today's Gliding Challenge is where things get difficult. Those yellow rings positioned throughout the course will add weight to you, slowing you down and making you slowly descend. Avoid them. You also might find it difficult finding all 5 insignias in Gliding Challenge 4, as one of them is very sneakily hidden at ground level. As you pass through the narrow cliff pass and aggro some enemies nearby, there's a gate on the floor that an insignia is hovering near. Don't worry about landing when you drop to get it, you can take off again fairly easily as there's an updraft and you don't get penalized for touching the ground. After that, just make it to the end within about 1 minute 30 seconds and you've got your gold reward!

Gliding Challenge 5 (December 8)

genshin impact gliding challenge day 5 location
Climb up Mt Tiansheng for Gliding Challenge 5.

Today's added obstacle are some rocks floating around trying to get in your way, but they're not that difficult to avoid. The entire course is a downward spiral but you don't have to follow the trail of particles for the first part, just head in a straight line for the first sigil. A couple of sigils require the ascend ability, so don't overuse it, but you'll be gliding downwards for most of it anyway so losing height is more important.

Gliding Challenge 6 (December 9)

We’ll update this spot when the December 9 Gliding Challenge location is added.

Gliding Challenge 7 (December 10)

We’ll update this spot when the December 10 Gliding Challenge location is added.

Genshin Impact gliding challenge tips

Genshin Impact gliding challenge tips
Get your sigils and use your speed boosts effectively and you'll earn that top score easily.
© miHoYo

If you want the top tier of rewards every day, you'll need to make use of all the new gliding abilities you get during the challenges. The usual time trial effects of rings of wind that boost your speed are included, but to help you hit all of them you can also Ascend or collect elemental particles for up to two speed boosts yourself.

Drop in height to make sure you hit the existing wind rings and save your manual speed boosts for when you're on a long flat stretch. Existing wind rings are better than manual boosts because they'll also send you in the correct direction for the course automatically. Use Ascend to make sure you don't miss the golden Sigils dotted around the course, collecting all five will ensure you get the best score possible, and as long as you have about two minutes left on the clock you should breeze past that top score.

We’ll be doing our best to update this list with all the new gliding challenge locations and rewards as they’re added, so be sure to check back later in the event so you can find them all. Click here to visit our Genshin Impact hub for more tips and tricks covering ongoing events and more.


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