How headsets enhance the console gaming experience

Learn the difference a quality headset can make to your console gaming setup.

People may view consoles as all-in-one experiences, but if you want your couch gaming to reach the apex of skill and enjoyment, a quality headset is essential. Being able to intuitively pinpoint the precise location of an enemy player online or that incoming monster in your favorite horror title will give your gaming a serious advantage. Even if you’re rocking a quality surround sound setup, HyperX headsets will give you the edge in competitive gaming, and immerse you deeper than ever before in the virtual worlds you’re exploring. Take a look at the points below to learn how HyperX’s headsets will bring the best out of your console gaming sessions.


Headsets are, by far, the most immersive way to enjoy game audio. They help block out the sounds of everyday life around you, so you can feel like you’re in the middle of your gaming entertainment. HyperX’s Cloud headsets also deliver rich audio with precise directionality. If you’re a competitive FPS gamer, the HyperX Cloud III’s angled 53mm drivers will allow you to precisely determine where incoming shots were fired from, or pick out the telltale footsteps of a player sneaking up from behind mid-battle. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in a fantasy world or want to get the drop on unsuspecting opponents, HyperX headsets will deliver the audio quality you deserve when gaming on your console.


How headsets enhance console gaming experience
The Cloud Stinger 2 Core gaming headset

Your voice matters, especially in the midst of a tense, online battle. A stellar headset will ensure your friends and teammates can hear you in crisp, clear quality no matter what’s happening in or outside the game. The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Core and CloudX Stinger 2 Core headsets are designed specifically for the PS4 and Xbox One, respectively. They'll up your game by providing high-quality audio and comms no matter what console you choose to dominate on. Both feature swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphones that allow you to disable your mic if you’re playing something that doesn’t require you to speak.

Do you find that you often want to grab some food or answer the door in the middle of your gaming? The Cloud Stinger Core Wireless will let you continue the conversation or keep listening in on that cutscene while you run to get hydration. If you need to talk to someone irl, just swivel that microphone around to keep your home conversations from being transmitted online.

Distraction and disturbance free

One of the greatest perks a good headset provides is isolation from the outside world. With a HyperX Cloud headset, the neighbors’ construction work or your rowdy siblings/housemates won’t trouble you. The Cloud III packs memory foam into both the ear cusions and headband, so you'll never be taken out of the game by aches or discomfort. The combo of great noise isolation and lasting comfort will see you through those extended gaming nights. And if you are gaming late at night or don’t want to disturb the house, HyperX Cloud headsets will let you enjoy the full rumble of monstrous roars, savage explosions, and dramatic cutscene reveals, all without you worrying about your audio entertainment leaking out to your surroundings.

How headsets enhance the console gaming experience - cloud 3
The HyperX Cloud III gaming headset


A decent surround sound setup is expensive, challenging to set up, and requires space that many of us simply don’t have available. On top of that, you’ll still need to pick up a microphone  separately to chat online. Thankfully, a high-grade headset can provide the full surround sound experience and more. HyperX headsets deliver a cost-effective, all-in-one audio experience that will save you the hassle of picking out all the different parts that work for your console gaming space.

The best headset for you

HyperX offers a wide range of headsets to choose from, meaning you can be sure you’ll find one that’s right for you. If you're a multiplatform gamer, consider an option like the Cloud III, which is compatible with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and mobile devices! A list so long we're out of breath just reading it.

Whether you’re just looking to get talking in online games or want premium sound quality in a wireless design, HyperX’s selection of gaming headsets can fill all your audio needs. If you want to enjoy the full audio experience that your console games have to offer, or are looking to get serious in online competition, pick up a headset from HyperX’s brilliant, ultra-comfortable Cloud family.

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