How to unlock Operation Broken Fang hard mode in CS:GO

Learn the secret method to unlock hard mode for Operation Broken Fang's strike missions.

If you’ve taken on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s new Strike mission in Operation Broken Fang, you may have noticed that, upon completion, you’ll be missing bonus points for playing on hard mode. No, you didn’t miss a tick box before beginning, the Operation Broken Fang hard mode is actually a secret setting you need to activate from within the level. Earning that maximum score requires you to take on this tough challenge, so in this guide we’ll explain the steps you need to take to unlock hard mode in Operation Broken Fang for CS:GO.

How to unlock Operation Broken Fang hard mode in CS:GO

Week 1: Under the hood

How to unlock operation broken fang hard mode in CS:GO
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You can choose to enable hard mode during the opening lobby stage of the Operation Broken Fang Under the Hood mission. While you’re in the starting room with all the weapons, grenades and equipment, look for the podium desk near the whiteboard and projector screen. If you crouch behind this, you’ll be able to see three red lights inside. Shoot all three lights to turn them green, then shoot the central one to turn it red again.

How to unlock hard mode operation broken fang CS:GO
© Valve

Perform these actions correctly and you’ll hear a noise, and the whiteboard on the wall will slide to one side, revealing a large level. To activate the Operation Broken Fang hard mode, you need to pull this lever. It’s a certainly a funky way to activate hard mode, but one that plenty of players will likely miss as well.

Week 16: A lasting impression

To activate hard mode in the Week 16 mission, you need to find three lights hidden around the starting room with all the weapons.

  • One is found between two plug sockets in the corner of the room next to some lockers, on the wall with the shut door.
  • One is found behind the three crates (two stacked, one on the floor) in the opposite corner of the same wall. 
  • The last is hidden behind the projector screen, next to the whiteboard.

Interact with all three lights and the entire whiteboard will slide across, revealing a hidden lever surrounded, for some reason, with candles.

If you are aiming to maximise your score in these strike missioins, you’ll need to do more than play Operation Broken Fang’s hard mode. You’ll also want to learn all the hidden coin locations in Broken Fang (we have a guide to them all you can read by clicking here) and consider doing a pistol only run as well. Completing Broken Fang on hard more and with pistols only isn’t an easy task, so we wish you the best of luck!

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