A new Smash Ultimate character will be announced at The Game Awards

What's your prediction?

Tonight’s The Game Awards showcase will feature the reveal of the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character.

Smash reveals have previously come out of the blue, so credit to Nintendo this time for giving us at least a few hours’ headstart. The Game Awards 2020 was already looking like a blowout event, complete with Dragon Age, Fall Guys, and more. Oh, and seemingly the entirety of Hollywood to present as well. 

The news of a new Smash character will only push that attention further, with speculation now roaring on the internet over who’ll get added. With the last addition of Minecraft’s Steve catching everyone off guard, it seems there really are no limitations. While Kingdom Hearts’ Sora is still a popular choice, many are predicting a Fortnite-representing character such as Jonesy will be added. Whoever gets picked, they’ll be the third addition in Fighter Pass 2, joining Min Min and Steve. That leaves three more slots to be filled in the coming year.

This isn’t the first time a character will be revealed at The Games Awards either. Back in 2018, Persona 5’s Joker stunned audiences online and off with a flashy reveal. We’ve been given advance warning this time around, but we’re still entirely in the dark as to who’s coming. At this stage your guess is as good as ours, so don’t forget to tune in when the show kicks off at 3:30 PM PT (6:30 PM ET / 11:30 PM GMT / 8:30 AM Friday JST) tonight. 

Alongside the Smash Ultimate character reveal, we know that The Game Awards will include a new tease for Dragon Age 4, the full reveal of Fall Guys Season 3, a look at the upcoming Medal of Honor game and plenty more. And all that in addition to the awards themselves. If you don’t have time to watch, we’ll bring you a round up of all the key details tomorrow, so feel free to check back then for more.

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