Getting a taste of what's to come in PUBG with creative director Dave Curd

PUBG has evolved a lot over the past year, but there's more to come according to the game's creative director.

The latest devblog on PUBG reveals a taste of what's to come in the evolving battle royale game, with a look at changes for team composition, bigger worlds and new experiences in 2021.

In the last of the Getting a Sense of PUBG series of blogs, the game's creative director Dave Curd filled in the final sense after gunfeel, authentic sound effects, a look at the new vehicles and immersive maps you can almost smell; the taste of things to come.

Among them – on top of the big changes the game has seen this year including new maps, new vehicles and characters – is the promise of a big new project for 2021, dubbed Codename Tiger. This will consist of a larger world to explore and get lost in, though any more information is being tightly guarded by the lead creative on the game.

More nuanced changes to the battle royale formula the game came to exemplify are making sure different phases of matches stay interesting, including what Curd dubs the survival phase and the end-game final circle engagments. The aim is to try and creat diverse ways players can contribute to their squads, not exactly like picking a class in an RPG but at least enough to think about what role you fulfill in a team.

“What if there were things in the field that gave your gameplay a little more intentionality? I’m interested in things like team composition being a discussion our community can have,” he says. “We’re not changing what PUBG is. The ability to find and identify targets, listen and observe to take in information, hit your shots, gauge when the next circle is coming in—that’s still the highest echelon of what PUBG is.”

You can read more of Curd's thoughts on the future of the game at the Getting a Sense of PUBG blog, and catch up with the other four senses throughout the year.


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