Cyberpunk 2077 Violence guide

Should you lie to Lizzy or tell her the truth?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a vast open-world RPG, and Night City is filled to the brim with gigs and side jobs for V to complete. One of these is Violence, a side job that unlocks after you complete Search and Destroy. You'll eventually be tasked with deciding if you're going to tell your client the truth about your findings. Here's our guide on how to make the best decision. 

Cyberpunk 2077 Violence guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Violence guide © CD Projekt Red
 © CD Projekt Red

Violence has you make your way over to the No-Tell Motel to meet a mystery client who has reached out to hire you. The mystery person in question reveals herself to be Lizzy Wizzy, and she wants you to do a little digging for her. 

Head to the Riot Club (marked on your map with a quest waypoint) between 6am and 6pm to start your investigation. You'll need to approach the bouncer to enter the club. If you chose the Street Kid background, you'll get an additional dialogue prompt where you can convince the bouncer to just take you to Liam right away. Otherwise, you're going to have to buy or bully your way to Liam. Alternatively, you can sneak into the VIP area using stealth and quickhacks. 

Once you've gotten up the elevators to the VIP room, it's time to do some eavesdropping. Listen to Liam's conversation with a woman named Asa Risu. Their conversation will confirm that things are even worse than Lizzie thought, so now it's time to make a decision. You can either leave your hiding spot to confront Liam and attempt to extort him to keep his secret, or you can sneak into the security office to steal footage of Liam and Asa Risu as proof for Lizzie. If you take the extortion route, be warned that Liam might get violent with you. 

If you decide to steal the footage, hightail it out of the club and call Lizzy. There are two options for how you can handle this call. If you lie and tell Lizzy she was right about the affair, the quest will end. If you tell her the truth, an additional objective will pop up. Go back to the No-Tell Motel and visit Lizzy. Dispose of the object she gives you to finish the quest. If you complete this extra objective, you'll get extra cash in your reward. 

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