Tactical mech indie, Into the Breach, launches this month on PC

A console release is planned for the future.

Into the Breach, tactical grid strategy game from the minds behind FTL, will launch on PC February 27, with a console release planned for further down the line.

Into the Breach is a visually simplistic title about time-travelling mechs fending off giant monsters that keep popping out of the ground to assault cities. Minimalitic combat lets you predict opponent's attacks and plan a counter move each turn.

One of the game's interesting selling points is that each time you fail a mission, instead of being game over, you send help through to another timeline, with the game randomly generating a new scenario and world to face.

FTL’s tactical spaceship management was utterly superb, and while it may have been limited to PC, Subset Games has plans to bring Into the Breach to the realm of consoles, though they’ve yet to confirm any sort of schedule.

The good news, however, is that it appears to be following FTL’s footsteps in having a rather excellent soundtrack.

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