Genshin Impact Ragged Records guide

Here's how to find all three Ragged Records and collect the reward!

Genshin Impact's open world is full of secrets and treasures, but you will have to get past various enemies and environmental puzzles to find them. One set of special items you can find are the Ragged Records. Here's how to find all three and claim their rewards. 

Genshin Impact Ragged Records guide

Genshin Impact Ragged Records guide © miHoYo
© miHoYo

There are three different Ragged Records you will need to find and examine in order to gain access to a treasure chest. The first can be found south of Entombed City-Outskirts. The area is filled with water, concealing the cage holding the Ragged Record. Use Cryo to attack the surrounding totems and interact with the cube that spawns after to drain the water. The cage will be encased in ice that you will need to melt. Hit the switch in the ditch, then destroy the rock to get the Scarlet Quartz. Then activate the switch on the upper side of the ditch. The cage will open and you can examine the journal within. 

Finding the second Ragged Record will require you to use your Elemental Sight. Activate it and turn your attention towards the river. You should see a trail highlighted by your Elemental sight. Following this trail will lead you to the second Record. Examine it and get ready to move on.

To find the final Ragged Record, follow the ocean from the easternmost warp point in Dragonspine. You'll come to a cove against a cliff face. Examine the area and a treasure chest will spawn and you will be able to examine the third journal.

Once you have done so, a chest will appear. It contains one Crimson Agate, ten Primogems, 1796 Mora, two Hero's Wit, two Traveling Doctor's Kits, one Adventurer Set, and one Guide to Ballad. Crimson Agates can only be used to level up the Frostbearing Tree. Leveling up the Frostbearing Tree can get you various rewards like blueprints, Acquaint Fates, and more. 

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