How to finish The War Room intel and get the new cutscene in Call of Duty Warzone

Everything you need to know about Call of Duty Warzone's final story mission.

The finale to the extremely popular Call of Duty Warzone is here in a new intel mission called The War Room, and it comes with a brand-new cutscene to wrap up the game's current storyline. To unlock that scene though, you will need to gather all of the pieces of intel available first. Here's how to do it. 

How to finish The War Room intel and get the new cutscene in Call of Duty Warzone

How to finish The War Room intel and get the new cutscene in Call of Duty Warzone © Activision
© Activision

Now, first off it's important to note that you can only collect one piece of intel per game, so we suggest you play in Plunder mode for the purposes of getting the final cutscene. Now here's where to find each of the five pieces of intel you will need to unlock the final cutscene.

Intel 1

The first thing you're looking for is a message from Ghost. To find it, head over to the brick wall across from Bunker #10 and Tavorsk Park.

Intel 2

This piece of intel will mark three towers for you. It appears that you don't have to go to all three to get it, but it's unclear if placement in the towers is random or not. In any case, activate these to get intel 2.

Intel 3

To get this intel you need to plan for your landing to be west of the prison. In the large field in this area you can find a hill that has a hidden campsite on it. 

Intel 4

You will also need to go to the field west of the prison to get this intel. Go to the shack that's all by itself. The door will be locked with a keypad. Enter the code: 72948531 to unlock the door and gain access to the rest of the shack. The intel prompt will be by the computers near the door.

Intel 5

You will need to head downtown to get the final piece of intel. It's on the roof of the BCH4 building, the intel prompt will appear on the radio tower there. 

Once you have all five pieces of intel, go to the missions tab in your menu to see the final cutscene with Captain Price and Viktor Zakahev.

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