How to find the Priest, Princess, and Scribe Boxes in Genshin Impact

Find all three boxes to open Dragonspine's secret door.

Genshin Impact's 1.2 update introduced a new region to the game: Dragonspine. There are tons of new collectibles to find, areas to explore, and secrets to discover. One of these is a secret door that requires three boxes to open it. Here's how to find all three and crack that door open.

How to find the Priest, Princess, and Scribe Boxes in Genshin Impact

How to find the Priest, Princess, and Scribe Boxes in Genshin Impact © miHoYo
© miHoYo

Behind Dragonspine's secret door is a Luxurious Chest filled with Artifacts, Mora, leveling materials, Primogems, and a Crimson Agate (which can be used to level up the Frostbearing Tree). To open the door and access this chest, you will need to find three boxes: The Priest Box, the Princess Box, and the Scribe Box.

Priest Box

The Priest Box is located on the northwest side of Dragonspine, just off the path that runs that way. While traveling this path, you should see some stairs leading away from the path near some ruins. Follow them, and you will find some Anemo fairies you can use to create a rideable wind current. Take the current up to the top of the tower just ahead of you and open the chest there to retrieve the Priest Box.

Princess Box

The Princess Box is on the northeastern side of Dragonspine. You need to continue past the Frostbearing Tree to a lake with an island in the center. Fly to the island where you will find a sword sticking out of the ground. Touch it to start a challenge where you will have to defeat a group of Abyss Mages within 60 seconds. Once you do so successfully, a chest containing the Princess Box will spawn and you can claim your prize.

Scribe Box

Teleport south to the fast travel waypoint directly above the "Nail" part of Skyfrost Nail on the map. To the northwest is a Stone Monument where you will need to place fresh flowers at the front of. Once you do this, a chest containing the Scribe Box will appear.

With all three boxes in hand, it's time to open the secret door. Fast travel to the same waypoint you used to find the Scribe Box, then head west and ascend the ramp inside the cavern. Once you reach the top, fly back east towards another ramp. Go up until you find another cavern mouth; the door will be in this area next to a Fire Seelie Torch.

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