Slay the Spire to get board game adaptation

The climb begins on Kickstarter this year.

Stellar indie deckbuilder Slay the Spire is due to get a board game version, with a Kickstarter funding campaign due to launch later this year.

Mega Crit Games’ tower-scaling card game already takes much inspiration from physical deckbuilding games. Players aim to conquer monster encounters while scaling a tower, adding to and improving a store of cards which they use to battle increasingly powerful foes. 

Using a roguelike system, each run allows players to pick between different paths, crafting a unique build of cards and power-enhancing relics to dish out combos on the enemies they encounter. A loss means starting right back at the very bottom to try all over again.

Slay the Spire has proven exceptionally popular, releasing on PC in early access before launching on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

If the Kickstarter is fully funded the game will come to tabletop for the first time thanks to a collaboration with Contention Games (via Dicebreaker). The company ran a successful campaign for space-based 4X board game Imperium: The Contention last year, raising more than $26k towards the project.

While the video game is a solo affair (though very enjoyable to play alongside a friend or partner), the board game is aiming to support more players. A single run of Slay the Spire: The Board Game is expected to take around 45 minutes to play per player as they increase their strength enough to scale the mighty tower.

While Slay the Spire certainly builds from the frameworks laid down by popular deckbuilders such as dominion, it smartly incorporates it’s video game side into aspects such as randomized paths, damage, and buffs. How the physical game will seek to replicate or be inspired by these aspects remains to be seen. It’s yet to be announced what price of entry the Kickstarter will ask for, or if any stretch goals are likely to be included. 

The Kickstarter campaign for Slay the Spire: The Board Game is expected to launch in Spring this year.

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