PUBG is getting a survival horror spin-off, sequel 'by next year'

With a mobile follow-up on the way this year.

PUBG Corp plans to create several new games under the franchise’s banner, including a PC and console sequel “by next year” and a survival horror game which should arrive in 2022.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t the hottest battle royale game around these days, but that hasn’t stopped its airdropped fights for survival from sustaining a dedicated playerbase on mobile and Steam. At 242k players (via Steamcharts), the older battle royale is resting comfortably as Steam’s third most popular title, bested only by Valve’s own DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

PUBG survival horror spin off sequel
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According to a report by Bloomberg (paywall) PUBG Corp parent company Krafton is looking to capitalize on that interest with a slew of new games arriving within the next few years. First up is a mobile game due to arrive within 2021. Following that is a console and PC followup to PUBG, tentatively placed as releasing “by next year.” PUBG has continued to receive regular updates adding new maps, weapons, and features since its 2016 launch, so it’ll be interesting to see how PUBG Corp plans to iterate on the formula for the direct sequel. Given PUBG’s performance issues throughout much of its early life, the studio will likely be aiming to ensure the game runs effectively on all platforms it releases for.

Finally, and perhaps most interesting of all, is a survival horror game based in the PUBG universe. Due to arrive in 2022, the game is described as “a survival horror game in 2022 that will depict the PUBG universe three centuries into the future.” PUBG Corp parent company Krafton announced survival horror title the Callisto Protocol at The Game Awards last year,and it appears this is the survival horror title referred to in the report. A third-person, single player title, it's being developed by the creators of Dead Space, so expectations are certainly high.

Given how terrifying PUBG’s landscapes can already prove to be, we’re interested to see what disaster has afflicted the land to transform the battle royale world into an alien-infested survival horror. Callisto Protocol is due to release in 2022 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. We’ll do our best to update you as soon as PUBG Corp announces any further details about the new PUBG games.

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