These RTX 3080 sneakers can run Crysis at 4K, but probably not a 5K

Nvidia's flagship GPU has been baked into a massive novelty shoe by RTFKT Studios.

For those still struggling to get their hands on one of Nvidia's highly-sought-after RTX 3080 graphics cards, they now come in sneaker form apparently.

In what we're conservatively calling "an art piece", this massive novelty hi-top from "next-gen sneaker" designers RTFKT Studios includes an NZXT all-in-one cooler with RTX 3080 stock fans and sinks built into the mid-sole.

We can't confirm if the sneakers actually output games at a decent framerate (or at all), but the NZXT cooler screens inside and on the beefy ankle strap do appear to change with the customization options chosen on a monitor.

Given the crowded interior of the sneakers, seen through the fetching translucent side panel upper, it's unlikely you'll be wearing these out anywhere even if you can get your hands on them.

RTFKT don't appear to be mass producing these, even if they are real, and most of their other sneaker designs appear to be virtual only, such as Snapchat filters for the infamous Among Drip Nike Jordan concepts (which the studio also created).

Look, sometimes it's just fun to imagine mad concepts that have no feasible practical use in the real world. In the spirit of this imagineering, we're wondering whether a pair of these RTX 3080 sneakers would run in SLI? Much to think about.

Would you bag yourself a new pair of hi-tops if they had $1,000 GPUs built into them? Or do you think those thousands would be better spent on a pair of Air Jordan Diors for a more respectable (and waterproof) flex?


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