How to join the Resident Evil Re:Verse closed beta

Sign up for a chance to try Resident Evil Re:Verse early in the closed beta.

Resident Evil Re:Verse was certainly the oddest reveal during the 25th Anniversary Resident Evil Showcase stream. Odd reveal aside, if you want to give the online battler a try, Capcom is holding a special closed beta for the game which you can sign up for. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get in, but below we’ll take you through the steps to join the Resident Evil Re:Verse closed beta.

How to join the Resident Evil Re:Verse closed beta

How to join the Resident Evil reverse closed beta
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To sign up for the Re:Verse closed beta, you need to register on this website. Along with details about the event, the form requires you to enter your date of birth, your country, and to choose between PS4 or Xbox One as a platform. Anyone on next-gen consoles will be able to play the previous generation versions. PC Resident Evil fans will have to wait, unfortunately.

The biggest step to joining the Resident Evil Re:Verse closed beta is becoming a Resident Evil Ambassador. If you’re already signed up, you should be able to click the Capcom ID button on the previous page. If you’ve yet to register as an ambassador, use this link to sign up. We’ve been having a little trouble with the sign-up process recently, so there’s a good chance that Capcom’s servers are a bit overwhelmed. Keep trying and eventually you should be able to register as an Ambassador.

Once registered as a Resident Evil Ambassador, return to the closed beta form and link your Capcom ID. Ensure the other details are correct, then click confirm. When it comes to selection, Capcom has confirmed that your Resident Evil Ambassador level will affect your chances. Silver rank Ambassadors will have a 2x chance of being selected, Gold will have a 5x chance, and Platinum will have a 10x chance.

Resident Evil Re:Verse closed beta start dates and times

Selections for the Re:Verse closed beta will be announced on January 22 and January 27 at midnight PST (3am EST / 8am GMT). The last deadline to register your interest is 7am (PST) January 25.

The Re:Verse closed beta runs will take place on the following dates and times:

  • January 27, 2021 10PM - January 28, 5AM (PST)
    • (Maintenance between 1-2AM)
  • January 28, 2021 5PM - January 29, 12AM (PST)
    • (Maintenance between 8-9PM)
  • January 29, 2021 7AM - 2PM (PST)
  • January 29, 2021 10PM - January 30, 10PM (PST)

And that’s all we can tell you about how to join the Resident Evil Re:Verse closed beta, as well as the closed beta start dates and times. We wish you the best of luck at getting access!

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