Hitman 3 Dubai helicopter key location

Secure a choppy exit by learning the helicopter key location on Hitman 3's Dubai level.

Why settle for a parachute when you could enjoy a comfortable ride instead? If you’ve explored Dubai’s towering skyscraper, you may have spotted the gleaming helicopter resting on a pad outside the building. It’s a possible exit, but to take it you’ll need to find the helicopter key location first. The Helicopter pilot appears to have misplaced his set, but fortunately we’ve got the details you need to grab the Dubai helicopter key for this Hitman 3 challenge.

Hitman 3 Dubai helicopter key location

hitman 3 dubai helicopter key location
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The Hitman 3 Dubai helicopter key location is on Level 2 of the skyscraper, as shown in the image above. Impressively hard to spot, the keys are sitting on a precarious railing which sticks out from the building and has a ladder up to the helicopter pad. Presumably the careless pilot managed to drop them while climbing up the ladder. Fortune has it they landed next to the 180-story drop, so you might as well pick them up for a tidy exit once your bloody work is done.

The simplest path to reach the Hitman 3 Dubai helicopter key location is to secure a tech outfit for the art exhibit, then walk out through the back region (with all the scaffolding) to the outside area. There should be a single worker performing a loop of this area but it’ll be easy enough to avoid their sight. In case you’re unsure, this is the same place target Marcus Stuyvesant will lead you when completing the Mission Story where you impersonate his new guard. Following that story will also make it easy to kill him and grab the keys in one go.

Once you have the keys, all you need to to is sneak back to the helicopter to jump in after you’ve killed your target. Though there are guards patrolling the pad, they don’t watch the ladder from the lower level, meaning you can easily climb up and hop in before they see you.

That’s all you need to know about the Hitman 3 Dubai helicopter key location, enjoy taking advantage of this stylish exit to the level. Click here to head to our Hitman 3 hub for more tips and tricks for the game.

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