Sea of Thieves Daffodil Beard Error: What it means

The Daffodil Beard Error in Sea of Thieves will see you struggling to set out on an online voyage.

With the good ship Season One setting sail, players have flocked back to Sea of Thieves in the hopes of scaling the mighty Renown ladder for rewards. Unfortunately, the voyage hasn’t made a clean exit from the bay, and many hopeful pirates are encountering the Sea of Thieves Daffodil Beard Error when connecting to online servers. Whether you’re one of the many returning to the game or checking this well past the Season One launch, here’s what the Sea of Thieves Daffodil Beard error means.

Sea of Thieves Daffodil Beard Error: What it means

Sea of thieves daffodil beard error what it means fix
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The Sea of Thieves Daffodil Beard Error means that developer Rare’s servers are facing problems. Typically, this error is encountered after major updates, as too many players attempt to connect to the game once more.

The good news is that there’s likely nothing wrong on your end of things. Your ship is ready to sail as soon as everything is back in working order. The bad news? Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to fix the Daffodil Beard Error in Sea of Thieves. Because it’s due to problems on Rare’s side of the waves, all you can do is wait until they’ve fixed it and the game is back online. 

Rare’s own support page states that you’d do well to visit the game’s official website to check for any reports of problems. However, we’d also suggest weighing anchor at the official Sea of Thieves Twitter page to check if they’re reporting problems.

If you’re not seing any acknowledgement of a problem on Rare’s end, there is a very small chance that the Daffodil Beard Error is being caused by a restrictive NAT. Check your Network Settings (Windows Settings > Gaming > Xbox Networking or Xbox Settings > Network Status) to see if any issues are occurring.

Otherwise, your best bet when faced with the Daffodil Beard Error in Sea of Thieves is to pour yourself a fine mug of rum or grog (your choice) and wait it out. Click here to see the rest of our Sea of Thieves coverage - it's something to fill your time at least!

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