Destruction AllStars controls guide

Learn the on foot and driving controls for Destruction AllStars.

If you don’t want to end up as roadkill, you’ll want to master the Destruction AllStars controls as quickly as possible. Whether you’re behind the wheel or on foot, make sure you know how to get about and deal maximum damage to your opponents with our gull Destruction AllStars controls guide.

Destruction AllStars controls guide

Destruction AllStars controls guide driving on foot
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We’ve split our Destruction AllStars controls guide into Driving and On Foot sections so that you can easily find the inputs you need. Remember that while on-foot you can also perform a number of parkour moves live wall running or climbing simply by jumping onto the correct surface.

Destruction AllStars driving controls


PS5 controls

Steer or Shake Off

Left Analog Stick









Exit Vehicle


Slam Forward

Tap Right Analog Stick forward

Slam Left

Tap Right Analog Stick left

Slam Right

Tap Right Analog Stick right

Look Back

Hold Right Analog Stick back

Activate Hero Vehicle Breaker



D-Pad directions

To drift around a corner while driving, tap Circle as you steer to that side. You can also perform a quick turn while reversing by steering to the side, then accelerating forwards. Shake Off woul-be hijackers by waggling the steering stick left and right. Beyond that, it's worth remembering that Eject will launch you high into the air, while Exit Vehicle hops you out lower to the ground. Don't forget your Hero Vehicle's Breaker power either, as these can rack up major points when used correctly.

Destruction AllStars on foot controls


PS5 controls


Left Analog Stick

Adjust camera

Right Analog Stick

Jump or Fast Climb




Roll, Evade, Vault, or Boost Landing


Enter Car or Attempt Takeover

Triangle (after a successful evade for a hijack)

Takeover QTE

Left Prompt - Square

Right Prompt - O

Summon Hero Vehicle


Activate Hero Breaker



D-Pad directions

While on foot in Destruction AllStars you have access to a unique set of controls and movement options. In addition to moving around in regular fashion, make sure you tap X when climbing to speed up movement, or tap Circle when landing from a height to perform a boost landing. You can also tap Circle to vault low obstacles quickly.

To pull off an evade, wait for the yellow warning lines to flash over your character’s head, letting you know that a car is approaching. Tap Circle when you see them and your character will leap into the air in slo-mo while glowing. You can then hit Triangle to attempt to Takeover or wreck the car which tried to run you down. Hit the on-screen prompts faster than they can shake you off to succeed.

And with that, you’ve learned the full Destruction AllStars controls for PS5. Mastering your slams and how to avoid opponents while on foot is crucial to success. If you’re not quite ready to get out there and cause more carnage, visit our Destruction AllStars hub page for more guides and content.

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