How to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars

Learn how to quickly drop from the matchmaking queue in Destruction AllStars.

Changed your mind? Too bad says Destruction AllStars, you pressed that matchmaking button. But what if we told you there was a way to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars quickly and easily? Much like muting voice chat, the game just doesn’t tell you how to cancel matchmaking for some reason. So to rectify that, here’s what you need to do.

How to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars

How to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars
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To cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars you need to press and hold R3. That means clicking in the right analog stick and holding it until you’re dropped from the matchmaking queue. You should see the matchmaking symbol up in the top left of the menu disappear when you’re out of the queue.

Dropping back to the main menu with Circle won’t drop you out of matchmaking. As a result, many players had been resorting to closing the game entirely when they accidentally joined a queue. It’s also a huge pain to get stuck in matchmaking when one of your friends is unfortunately dropped from the matchmaking due to connection issues. No one wants to sit there and wait for their friends to load into and play an entire game, after all.

It appears that a tooltip explaining how to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars should be appearing, but is bugging out and vanishing after an instant when in a party with friends. Thanks to Reddit user Thwiper for pointing out the correct input we were looking for. 

Hopefully developer Lucid Games will update Destruction AllStars with a fixed prompt to let everyone know how to cancel matchmaking. But hey, at least you’ve learned a valuable secret for now. 

To restate it once more for those who scrolled too quickly: you can hold R3 to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars.

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Now that you know how to cancel matchmaking, feel free to jump in and commit yourself to online arenas without fear! For more Destruction AllStars content, visit our hub page for the game.

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