Get that classic Ahri look with Emiru's Game Glow tips

Make-up like a true legend with tips on how to achieve the classic Ahri look from Emiru.

The effort and length it takes in looking good hasn't stopped Ahri from becoming one of the most popular League of Legends champs in the game. And now you can steal that look with about 50% of the effort using these tips from the Cloud9 cosplay streamer Emiru.

Emiru's tips on getting that classic Ahri look in the latest episode of HyperX's Game Glow will help you achieve those striking eyes and vaguely foxy look the queen of the Rift has made her signature.

Emiru's chosen warpaint for this episode is New York-based ethical cosmetics company WinkyLux, shame this wasn't a Lux tutorial then really for that added brand synergy.

WinkyLux are cruelty and animal-testing-free, which will be a relief to the nine-tailed fox herself. If you want to check out the range that Emiru was using to get Ahri's look then check out the website here.

Which game character would you like to steal the look of next? Let us know and maybe Game Glow can make it happen for you before your next cosplay convention.


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