PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.50 beta has arrived

Here's what's in it.

The new firmware beta update has been dropped on PS4, and gives some hints as to what PlayStation owners can expect in future.

The update is only available to those who signed up for the beta test and will have received an email including instructions on how to download and install it.

The new firmware brings in the Play Time Management feature which lets parents control the playing time of their children on the console. Parents can monitor their child’s play time and add restrictions if they wish.

Some enhancements to the Quick Menu have also been included, adding a drop-down menu under the Friends tab and shortcuts for Spotify on PlayStation Music. The next major update will allow users to play background music on PlayStation Now, import custom wallpapers via USB, delete old notifications and customize Tournament team pages.

The beta also adds three new tabs to the PlayStation 4 library: The This PS4 Tab which catalogues all apps installed on the console; the Name/Avatar tab showing you apps purchased with the logged in Network ID (including those not installed); and the PS Plus tab which shows free games downloaded using the PlayStation Plus subscription. You’ll also be able to hide apps from the Purchased tab.

Finally, the update also adds a “supersampling mode” for PS4 Pro owners. This allows users with HDTVs of resolution 1080p or less to see a visual upgrade in certain titles. Supersampling is a method of anti-aliasing which allows those without 4K TVs to enjoy a significant image improvement, particularly at the most common, 1080p resolution. Eurogamer has posted a nice comparison for those interested.

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