Valheim server commands list

Learn how to kick and ban players with our Valheim server commands and cheats lists.

Access unlimited power! Well, almost. If you’ve set up your own dedicated server in Valheim, you’ll also want to make sure that you learn the available server commands. Available to any admins, the Valheim server commands will let you kick and ban unwanted players so that you can keep your world in check. This guide will teach you the full Valheim server commands list.

Valheim server commands list

Valheim server commands
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Server admins have access to eight key server commands in Valheim. Here’s each one and what it’ll do. To enter a command, hit F5 to open the game console. The latest update has made using the console a touch trickier, so follow the instructions here to enable the console in Valheim when you need.

  • help - Shows all the available server commands.
  • kick [name/ip/userID] - Kicks the named user.
  • ban [name/ip/userID] - Bans the named user.
  • unban [ip/userID] - Unbans the named user.
  • banned - Shows a full list of banned users.
  • ping - Tests your latency by sending a ping to the server.
  • lodbias [number] - Sets the distance lodbias or shows the lodbias if left empty. By default this is 1.5.
  • info - prints the current system information.

In case you’re unsure, LOD bias usually affects how sharp certain textures look over a distance. Typically ranging from -3 to 3, a higher value will reduce texture quality and improve performance. However, in Valheim it appears to affect the render distance for certain objects as well.

Valheim cheat commands list

Valheim cheat commands list
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In addition to standard Velheim server commands, a number of cheats are also available when playing on your own dedicated server. By typing “devcommands” in the console you can enable access to a wide range of cheats. Typing help in the console with cheats active will reveal the full list of commands, but we’ve also included them below. Be warned that most of these will ruin the balance and pacing of the game, so play around at the risk of your own long-term fun.

  • pos - Prints the current player coordinates.
  • goto [x,z] Teleports you to the listed coordinates.
  • exploremap - Reveals the entire map as explored.
  • resetmap - Resets your map exploration.
  • killall - Kills all nearby enemies.
  • tame - Tames all nearby creatures (that can be tamed).
  • removedrops - Removes all items dropped in the area.
  • wind [angle][intensity] - Adjusts the direction and intensity of the wind.
  • resetwind - Resets the wind angle and intensity
  • location - Sets spawn location.
  • freefly - Activates the freeflying photo mode.
  • ffsmooth - Adjust the smoothness of the freefly photo mode.
  • event [name] - Starts the named event
  • stopevent - Stops the current event.
  • randomevent - Starts a random event.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] - Raises the named skill by the value entered.
  • resetcharacter - Resets all of your character data.
  • god - Enables god mode (invincibility).
  • dpsdebug - Toggles dps debug print on and off.
  • save - Forces the game to save the current world state.
  • players [nr] - Adjusts the difficulty scale. Enter 0 to reset difficulty.

Those are all the Valheim server commands and Valheim cheats that we know of. If you’ve discovered any more then feel free to leave them in the comments section below! Now hop back on that server and clean up the players that need banning! Hit up our hub page for Valheim if you're after more guides, tips, and tricks.

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