The best Valentine's games for local and long distance couples this year

Chill out or challenge your bond with these co-op games to play with your Valentine this year.

You might be lucky enough cozy up on the couch with your loved one this Valentine's Day, or you could be looking to celebrate your relationship from great lengths apart. Regardless of your circumstances, the best games to play on Valentine's Day will make spending February 14 with a new crush or an old flame, from near or afar, all the more fun together.

Below, we've picked out the perfect co-op games to enjoy on Valentine's day. We've split our choices for online and off, with local co-op games those of you sharing a screen with your partner, and online co-op games for those looking for a digital dance together.

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Local co-op Valentine's Day games

Playing in-person with your paramour? Here are some of the best local co-op games for Valentine's Day 2024.


If you're tucked away together somewhere, perhaps you'd like to heighten the mood of your home being a haven by playing Haven. It's a co-op exploration game about a pair of lovers who have absconded to a lost planet. Glide and zoom around an alien world together, teaming up to fight off aggressive threats. It's got a pretty great story centered around the pair's relationship, told through brilliant writing. Thanks to updates, it also now supports same-sex relationships. Haven is from the makers of Furi and has the same maestro on the soundtrack (Danger), so it's exceptionally stylish as well.

Recommended for: New couples who want to take their relationship to the next level.

It Takes Two

A game about a bickering pair of parents on the verge of divorce may not sound like the ideal Valentine's Day treat, but trust us: It Takes Two is one of the best co-op games of the last decade, let alone recent years. Lead stars Cody and May are two incredibly incompetent (bordering on dangerously so) parental figures, yes. But honestly, who cares when their adventures are this much fun? It Takes Two flits between genres as you ski across frozen lakes, race on the backs of frogs, and soar through the air. Every segment will have you doing something new, and you'll always be utterly reliant on one another. A must play for all co-op couples.

Recommended for: Parents who want to feel better about themselves.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

You might think you know what you get with a 2D Mario game, but Super Mario Bros. Wonder is built to surprise. Each platforming level is a compact bundle of unexpected delight. And it's all thanks to Wonder Flowers. Grab one and it'll drastically change some element of your current level. You might be carried away by a stampede, find yourselves transformed into surface-sticking slimes, or suddenly need to flee from a gigantic ghost. With levels that last just a matter of minutes, it's like unwrapping a box of chocolates together, each one offering a surprising new flavor. Guaranteed to have you grinning in unison.

Recommended for: Anyone after a daily dose of joy together.

Diablo 4

For some couples, there's no greater romantic joy than cutting down swathes of satanic beasts, side by side. Look, we're here to enable, not judge. If that's your jam, Diablo 4 is a brilliant local co-op game to bash through together. You each get to pick a beefy warrior or mage, then wade through hordes of baddies together, combining your powers into the ultimate demon-crunching maelstrom. Just be prepared to work out some fiddly account details when you first set up your local co-op accounts.

Recommended for: Bloodthirsty battle-buddies eager to mash monsters together.

Wilmot's Warehouse

For the couple who have run out of wardrobes to organize in the pandemic, how about an entire warehouse to keep organized together? This falls into the "you'll know if you're meant to be together" class of game that requires solid communication and a level of being on the same wavelength that can't really be discovered outside of a game about organizing and delivering goods to warehouse customers.

Recommended for: Long-term couples who enjoy organizing stuff.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Some couples love to cook together. Overcooked will change that. This is more of a relationship test than a chance to chill out together, so make sure you're ready for it. Overcooked! has plenty of love-themed challenges for you to fall out over, or forge your relationship strong in the fires of a kitchen that is inexplicably also two trucks on a highway, or on hot air balloons, or in a space station. These chefs have a lot to deal with.

Recommended for: Couples who want a reason to break up.

Online co-op Valentine's Day games

Can't meet your beloved face-to-face this year? Don't stress. Our picks for the best online co-op Valentine's Day games will divest you of all thoughts of that distance between through digital realms to explore, devious puzzles to ponder, and delightful places to chill out in together. Gaming to bring you together, wherever you are in the world.

Baldur's Gate 3

If you and your lover have been tempted by D&D but are unsure where to start, Baldur's Gate 3 offers a truly spectactular welcome to the fantasy RPG universe. The 100-plus hours of questing to be found here are far more than you'll be able to surmount in a single day, or even a week. But why not use this Valentine's Day to start an enormous and exciting adventure together? One that could well last you until next year. Provided you enjoy dazzling dialogue and turn-based combat, you'll find few games will draw you into their world as well as Baldur's Gate 3. One word of advice? Plan an entire session in advance just for co-op character creation. 

Recommended for: Twinned-soul adventurers looking for a grand escape (and the chance to flirt with some NPC companions).

Escape Simulator or Escape Academy

Want all the fun of an escape room but can't get together in person? Escape Simulator and Escape Academy will let you and your valentine scratch that puzzle-solving itch together. Escape Simulator takes a softer, scenario-based approach. It features dedicated and interactive escape rooms built around different themes like an egyptian tomb or research facility.

In Escape Academy, you'll enter the narrative more directly, taking on the roles of agents at an escape-centered college. Proving your puzzling mettle will somtimes involve seeking solutions against the clock to save your own skins. Both are ideal valentine's day co-op games, best enjoyed when you and your partner each have your own dedicated screens. That'll force you to discuss solutions and share discoveries over online voice communication.

Recommended for: Escape room fans who like to puzzle in partnership.

It Takes Two (again)

Hold on, didn't we already cover this one above? Yes, but It Takes Two isn't just good for local play. Thanks to developer Hazelight's generous friend pass system, only one of you actually needs to own the game. The other can download the friend version of the game and join in the fun entirely free. Now all you have to do is avoid arguing over which of you has to pay.

Recommended for: Couples looking for more affordable online co-op.

We Were Here Together

The We Were Here series has been consistently delivering for fans of online two-player co-op since its first free release back in 2017. Each instalment sees you and your partner trapped in some kind of puzzle-laced dungeon, with only your combined wits and a pair of walkie-talkies to help you find a way out. Each game is packed with interdependent puzzles, so there's no risk of one player's voice overshadowing the other as you progress. Start from the beginning or jump ahead a few instalments to the well-regarded We Were Here Together. Either way, this Valentine's Day co-op game will deliver a brilliant time as you help one another to freedom.

Recommended for: Fans of co-dependent puzzling in a thematic setting.

Sea of Thieves

Likewise, Sea of Thieves' continual updates have brought plenty of reasons to take your love on a romantic cruise through cobalt blue waters and take it easy this weekend. Serenade your other half as they relax on the beach of a tropical island and then quickly slash the skelly that was going to ruin the mood. Keeping a ship running together is basically just a relationship in itself, but at least this way you get to blow up sharks, and when you finish for the night, you can blow the ship up, too. Traditions must be observed at sea.

Recommended for: Stealing your other half's heart away. And half of their loot.

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