How to tame boars in Valheim

Learn how to tame boars in Valheim to secure an endless stash of leather scraps.

If you’re bored of searching for leather then it’s time to tame boars in Valheim. These aggressive and furry creatures are the primary source of leather scraps in the viking survival sim, but only offer one or two when killed. To get a sustainable supply, it’s best to tame boars so that you can consistently harvest them. The process is surprisingly simple, so follow the steps below to learn how to tame boars in Valheim

How to tame boars in Valheim

How to tame boars in Valheim
Tame boars in Valheim by luring them inside a pen. 
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To tame boars in Valheim all you need to do is lure them to a pen and trap them within. From there, it’s simply a case of feeding them until they love you. Basically the same process as us in real life!

Here are the key steps to tame boars in Valheim:

  • Set up an enclosure using wooden fencing or a low wooden wall
  • Leave a gap in the edge of the enclosure
  • Find boars in the wild and aggro them so that they chase you
  • Lead the boars back to your enclosure
  • Once the boars are inside, place another piece of fence or wall to close the entrance then jump outside
  • Drop simple food into the pen such as mushrooms and blueberries
  • Keep your distance and top up the food every now and again

Boars can be trapped in any simple enclosure, but you will need to lure them inside from wherever you find them. We recommend building your boar pen near to your home in the meadows as they commonly spawn around this area. Luring them isn’t easy, but so long as you have a shield to block their hits it should be safe to walk them back from a distance away. Boars like to circle around after a hit, so make sure you stay in range so that they follow you.

When trapped in your pen, wild boars will grow angry if you approach, attacking the enclosure walls. They won’t do too much damage, but to avoid them breaking out we recommend dropping food inside then leaving to do other viking things for a while.

You can tell that the boars are being tamed by the yellow hearts which float above them. It takes time and a healthy amount of food, so be patient.  You can check how tame a boar is by approaching it and looking at it. You might need to sneak at first though, as the boars will try to attack if they aren't very tamed.

How to breed boars in Valheim

More important than taming boars is breeding them. Fortunately, this will happen automatically if you have two tamed boars in a pen together and keep them fed. Every so often the boars will spawn offspring which, if fed, will grow up to a full sized animal. You can safely kill tamed boars to claim leather scraps, though you might end up feeling a little bad about it. The more boars you can trap in pens together, the more leather scraps you’ll be able to produce from the boars they breed. 

That’s all there is to know about how to tame boars in Valheim. It’s worth mastering this process early as it’ll come in handy for later creatures like wolves as well. For more Valheim tips and tricks, head to our hub page for the game.

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