Valheim breaks 5m sales, won't stop selling

That many Vikings is sure to make quite odin.

Viking survival sim Valheim has now passed five million sales.

Within one month of its Early Access release on Steam, Iron Gate’s debut title Valheim has sold more than five million copies, and continues to hold its place at the top of Steam’s Global Top Sellers list. The game pushed past the three million mark in just sixteen days, and it seems the sales don’t show any signs of slowing.

The Iron Gate team must be growing tired of celebratory milestone posts at this point, but to mark the impressive total, a celebration Steam Community update thanked players for enjoying the title, and dropped some beefy numbers to show how much interest the game has pulled.

“During the little time you’ve spent in Valheim,” the post reads, “all five million of you managed to:

  • Spend more than 15,000 years playing Valheim
  • Watch more than 35 million hours of gameplay Twitch
  • Pushed us to number 39 in the best user reviewed games on Steam of all time
  • Made our five-person strong team excited to come to work (virtually) each and every single day (that’s one person per million sales, by the way!)”

Valheim sees players dropped into the Viking afterlife, tasked with building up their strength to eradicate several monstrous bosses which have invaded the land. By harvesting resources and developing tools, players can construct settlements alone or in co-op before venturing out to explore a grand, procedurally generated map.

“Exciting new milestones lie ahead, and we for one cannot wait to show you more of the game as we journey through our 2021 Roadmap,” the post concludes. “May Frey bless you with a plentiful harvest, and may Heimdall watch over your settlement. Oh, and if you see an oversized mosquito, run.”

If you’re looking to join in with the Viking frenzy, Valheim is available on Steam. We’ve already put together plenty of tips and tricks to help you get started, so head over to our Valheim hub page and have a browse.

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