How to use potions in Loop Hero

Keep your health topped up by learning how potions work in Loop Hero.

Potions are a valuable source of healing in Loop Hero, but as with many mechanics, the game doesn’t clearly spell out how they work. If you want to know how to use potions in Loop Hero, the good news is that you don’t really have to do anything. We’ll explain exactly how they work in this guide so that you’re prepared for all the loops ahead.

How to use potions in Loop Hero

How to use potions loop hero
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To unlock potions in Loop Hero, you’ll need to construct the Herbalist's Hut. It’s one of the first tiers of buildings in the game, so it won’t be long before you’ve saved up enough resources for it. You can build the Herbalist’s Hut whenever you retreat to camp (or die). Here’s what it costs to build:

  • 2 Stable Wood
  • 3 Preserved Stone
  • 4 Food Supplies

All of the above can be earned by passing through areas or placing down cards earned during expeditions. Pay attention to the resources you’ve collected and retreat once you’ve got a comfortable number. You’ll need to collect 12 Rations to create a Food Supply, 12 Stable Branches to create a Stable Wood, and 10 Pebbles to make a Preserved Stone. You can check the details on each resource by holding the cursor over them in your inventory and reading the description in the bottom right of the screen.

To use potions in Loop Hero you don’t actually need to do anything. Once the Herbalist’s Hut is built, you’ll automatically gain space for three potions and will refresh two potions at the start of each and every loop. Your character will use them automatically when they need healing, so don’t stress about activating them at crucial points. 

Loop Hero how to use potions
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You can see when your character will use potions in Loop Hero by looking at the health bar. Above it you’ll see a number of small pips depending on how many potions you have. When health drops below this point, your character will use a potion. At the first level, potions heal 4% HP per use. While you can’t control when your character activates a potion, you can increase the number they can carry by upgrading the Herbalist's Hut. Put enough recources to boost it the first level and you'll increase your potion storage count by two, and increase their effectiveness

That’s all we have to teach regarding how to use potions in Loop Hero. Once you’ve got the base up and running, you’ll be collecting and charging plenty of potions to help keep that health in the green.

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