Valorant Infantry skins: Visuals and pricing

The price and look of all the new Valorant Infantry skins, including the M1 Garand Guardian.

A new bundle of skins parachuted into Valorant today courtesy of the Infantry collection. While we’d normally describe them as fresh, this selection is looking a little out of date, but never out of style. Taking direct inspiration from real World War 2 weapons, the Valorant Infantry skins are a unique and surprisingly cheap new bundle. Below, we’ll take you through all the guns included in the Valorant Infantry collection, with visuals and pricing.

Valorant Infantry skins: Visuals and pricing

Valorant infantry skins visuals and pricing
© Riot

There are five skin designs included in the Infantry collection. Each is available to buy individually, but picking up the full lot will provide you with a 30% discount on each. Here’s everything included in the Valorant Infantry skin collection:

  • Infantry Ghost
  • Infantry Spectre
  • Infantry Guardian
  • Infantry Ares
  • Infantry Operator

Each of the Infantry skins is inspired by a real World War 2 weapon, with the Ghost and Guardian standing out most prominently. The former adopts the look of a Luger pistol, while the latter shares its design with the famous M1 Garand. Unique to the Guardian is a special empty-mag sound effect that anyone who spent hours in Call of Duty 2 will recognize within a heartbeat. We’ve included images of all the Valorant Infantry skins below for you to ogle.

Infantry Ghost

Valorant infantry skins ghost
© Riot

Infantry Spectre

Valorant Infantry skins price spectre
© Riot

Infantry Guardian

Valorant Infantry skins Guardian
© Riot

Infantry Ares

Valorant Infantry skins Ares
© Riot

Infantry Operator

Valorant infantry skins operator
© Riot

Valorant Infantry skin prices

The Infantry skin prices are as follows:

  • Individual skins: 875 VP
  • Infantry skin bundle: 2,930 VP

There are no options to upgrade the Infantry skins using Radiant, but they’re still one of the most distinctive sets to arrive in the game so far. What do you make of the Valorant Infantry skins? Let us know down in the comments section below. We’ve also got roundups of other recent Valorant skin collections for you to check out, including the Prime 2.0 bundle. For everything else Valorant, our game hub page is where you’ll want to point your crosshair.

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