Fall Guys Season 4 is the best the game's ever been

Falling head over heels for futuristic fun.

We’re not sure if Fall Guys’ beans understand the concept of religion, but they’d make perfect disciples for Game of Thrones’ Drowned God. After all, what is dead may never die. Despite what social media comments might have you think, the bean hordes of Fall Guys are far too busy tripping over lasers and slipping down slimy slopes to spend any time resting in a grave. In fact, we’d argue that the latest season is the best the game has ever been. If you’ve been resting your bean since last year’s release, here’s why Season 4 is the perfect time to starting chasing those precious crowns once more.

Setting the vibe

Fall Guys Season 4 theme best
Gym tops with a robo-shark bottom? Future-fashion has taken a strange turn.
© Mediatonic

The newly released Season 4 sends the masses of oversized Tic Tacs tumbling into a retro-styled ‘80s future. And if we’re honest? It’s the first time Fall Guys really feels like it’s nailed a theme. The launch was a joyous blast of color, but since then, developer Mediatonic has somewhat fumbled its way through a mish-mash of ideas. 

A lack of resources means the commitment to knights and dragons in Season 2 was half-hearted, and the frosty antics that came next only felt obligatory for the time of year. However, Season 4 – with its luminous, humming colors and futurescape backgrounds – lands that perfect balance of comical fun and being genuinely pleasant to look at. 

It helps, too, that the new levels blend perfectly with the theme and are some of finest yet. Skyline Stumble is a particular standout, seeing you scramble through low-gravity leaps, hop between retracting light bridges, navigate a maze, and – if you dare – launch yourself upwards to the finish on tiers of pinball flippers. It’s chaotic, but each challenge is clearly defined, leaving you laughing rather than confused when things go awry.

A dinner with all (obstacle) courses

Fall Guys Season 4 best levels yet
All of Season 4's new levels are fantastic additions. 
© Mediatonic

We’ll always welcome an injection of quality levels, but it’s the sum total of parts that really sells Season 4. It’s no fault of developer Mediatonic that their small team wasn’t prepared for the gargantuan interest at launch, but nearly eight months several seasons after release, Fall Guys finally feels like a complete package. 

The latest level additions understand exactly what players are craving, and the originals are now packed with randomized variants like yeets and bonkuses to keep each run feeling fresh. You can blame (or thank) the Fall Guys social media manager for those names, by the way. With daily challenges, generous battle passes, and a plethora of outlandish tie-in skins to buy, dropping in for a round or two each day feels both fun and rewarding. Even if we’re still miles off from securing a crown.

Squads mode, though touted as a temporary addition for now, feels like something that should have been in the game from the start. We were already cheering our friends on as they stumbled forward after we’d crossed the finish line or been knocked out, but finally there’s a chance to fall, qualify, and even claim victory together. Even without a team, Squads offers the opportunity to laugh at and lament over the weaker members you’re randomly partnered with. There’s nothing quite like racing through a round only to watch that one bean tumble over and over at the simplest of hurdles. We’ve all been there.

Fall Guys Season 4 levels theme
There's always one, and they're always on your team. 
© Mediatonic

With the groundwork laid by previous updates, it feels like Mediatonic’s obstacle course battle royale is only just reaching its stride. We can’t wait to see what’s planned for future seasons, but if your gaming stomach has been growling for a bean-based broth lately, there’s no better time to dip back into Fall Guys’ colorful, chaotic broth.

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