Evil Genius 2: Scam tourists explained

Learn what the scam tourists option does in Evil Genius 2 so that you can make some extra cash at the cost of morale.

The casino may be a front for your evil lair, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a money maker too. Evil Genius 2 includes a plethora of hidden features that aren’t well explained by the game’s tutorials or menus. Scam tourists is one such option available to tables such as roulette wheels that you place within your casino. It's a tempting thing to enable, but you probably shouldn't in most cases. Below, we’ll explain what Scam Tourists does in Evil Genius 2, as well as why you would or wouldn’t want to enable it.

Evil Genius 2: Scam tourists explained

Evil Genius 2 Scam tourists explained guide
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If you select any of the game tables within your casino, you’ll see the option to scam tourists in Evil Genius 2 on the menu which pops up to the left side of the screen (as shown above). Enabling scam tourists will encourage any Valet minions working there to rig the games, fleecing anyone at the table for extra money. This will provide a small but steady extra source of income for your base, on top of the usual methods such as schemes on the World Stage. Enable scam tourists and you’ll see green dollar signs pop up from anyone at the table whenever it’s used. The amounts seem to randomly float between $15-25, meaning it’s a very small income per table compared to your other methods. 

By default, scam tourists will be disabled at all your tables in Evil Genius 2. As an evil mastermind, why wouldn’t you want to scam tourists who arrive at your home? Well, there are two key downsides. Any tables with scam tourists enabled will rapidly decrease your Valet’s morale and won’t distract Agents or Investigators.

As Agents enter through the casinos, any tables they interact with will lower their stats, making them easier to distract or capture before they collect any valuable evidence. This means flooding your casino with tables, valets, and socialites is a very useful and effective strategy. 

However, Investigators and Agents are canny. They’ll avoid any roulette tables that are clearly cheating, meaning they arrive in your base much more prepared. In addition, you’ll need far more Valets to man the tables because of the speedy morale drain requiring them to go and rest. As such, you’ll either want to disable scame tourists in Evil Genius 2 when Agents arrive or, more likely, only turn it on for a few tables at the entrance when you already have plenty installed. In general, the money earned isn’t worth the offset to your distraction defenses.

That’s all there is to know about scam tourists in Evil Genius 2. It’s a useful source of extra income early, but it will hurt your casino cover when it comes to dealing with unwanted investigators. For more guides, head over to our hub page and have a prowl. We won’t scam you, honest.

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