Mortal Kombat movie overview: cast, characters, and fatalities

Learn spoiler-free details about the Mortal Kombat movie before it hits cinemas!

Whether you’re a dom or prefer to be a sub-zero, there’s an undeniable pleasure in Mortal Kombat’s gratuitously graphic action. The brand new movie is aiming to hurl a Scorpion-spike directly into the hearts of gamers across the globe, pulling us to cinemas (or the safety of our couches) for an indulgent bout of bloody fun. If you’re as pumped for the movie as we are, we’ve put together a spoiler-free overview with everything you need to know about the film. Naturally, if you want to go into the movie entirely blind, we’d recommend stopping here. But can you really resist taking a peek?

Mortal Kombat movie release date and where to watch

mortal kombat movie release date where to watch
© Warner Bros

Right, let’s get that all-important figure out of the way. In the US, the Mortal Kombat movie will be released in cinemas on April 23. In addition, it’ll also be available to stream at home via HBO Max. Availability across the rest of the globe will vary, given the accessibility of cinemas and other streaming services during the ongoing pandemic.

Mortal Kombat movie cast

Mortal Kombat movie cast
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We’ve listed all the confirmed cast for the Mortal Kombat movie below. The cast and characters below were confirmed prior to the film’s release, and we’ve done our best to avoid any characters that could be considered spoilers to the film.

  • Cole Young is played by Lewis Tan
  • Sonya Blade is played by Jessica McNamee
  • Kano is played by Josh Lawson
  • Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot (Bi-Han) are played by Joe Taslim
  • Jax Briggs is played by Mehcad Brook
  • Lord Raiden is played by Tadanobu Asano
  • Scorpion (Hanzo Hasashi) is played by Hiroyuki Sanada 
  • Shang Tsung is played by Chin Han
  • Kung Lao is played by Max Huang
  • Liu Kang is played by Ludi Lin
  • Mileena is played by Sisi Stringer
  • Nitara is played by Elissa Cadwell
  • Reiko is played by Nathan Jones
  • Kabal is played by Daniel Nelson
  • Goro is voiced by Angus Sampson
  • Emily Young is played by Matilda Kimber
  • Alison Young is played by Laura Brent

Mortal Kombat movie plot

The Mortal Kombat movie is certainly doing its best to let fans know just how much it respects the source material. However, while the plot will certainly feel familiar to seasoned players, the lead protagonist, Cole Young, won’t. An experienced MMA fighter, Young bears a mysterious dragon tattoo but isn’t aware of the meaning behind it or his lineage. At least, not until Sub-Zero turns up on his doorstep at the behest of vicious Outworld Emperor, Shang Tsung. Knowing that the mark grants Young access to the power-granting Mortal Kombat tournament, Tsung has sent Sub-Zero to assassinate him and anyone else bearing the mark in Earthrealm.

Fleeing to protect his family, Young teams up with Jax and Sonya Blade before being sent to train with Lord Raiden, the mysterious protector of Earthrealm. Honing his skills against warriors Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Kano, he prepares himself to unlock his inner power and enter Mortal Kombat and protect Earthrealm from Shang Tsung’s advances.

But will there be Fatalities?

mortal kombat movie fatalities
© Warner Bros

You’re kidding, right? Given the gory Red Band trailer includes Scorpion’s “Get over here!” line and Kano clutching a bloody, beating heart, we feel it's a pretty safe bet that one or two Fatalities will be turning up. In fact, director Simon McQuoid has even confirmed the fact in an interview with Bloody Disgusting. Finish him!

Mortal Kombat movie theme song

Ready to test your might? All right, shout it with us: MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT! The Immortal’s  iconic theme tune has never been surpassed in the franchise’s history. That said, this latest version, created specifically for the movie by Benjamin Wallfisch, is a pretty solid take. There are certainly worse things to fill your wait to see the movie with. You could be watching Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, after all.

Let us know what has you most excited about the Mortal Kombat movie in the comments below!

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